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> Abstract Panorama

> International program #9
> The Digital Panorama

> Australian Panorama
> Aeon Flux Collection
> Frame of Mind - Comic Art
.. Meets Animation

> Rosto AD, special guest presents
.. "Mind My Gap" Trilogy

> Korean Panorama #1
> Korean Panorama #2
> Studio Focus: Nukufilm, Estonia
> Masters of Abstraction
> Frederic Back Retrospective
> Animated Documentaries
> Session for the Deaf
> Late Night Bizarre!
> Freaky Fridays - ACMI's Late
...Night Cult Cinema: Fritz The Cat

> Animation Careers Forum
> Animation 101 - 3 sessions
> The Great Australian
...Animation Project Launch

> Workshop: Stop Motion in
.. the Digital Realm

> Kids' Program #1 - under 18s
> Kids' Program #2 - under 18s
International Student
Animation Program
> Student Program #1
> Student Program #2
> Student Program #3
> Student Program #4
> Student Program #5
.. Presentation: YunTech, Taiwan

3 sensational Sessions

A quick, easy way to learn a LOT more about a range of animated topics and to delve more deeply into a few of the highlights of this year's MIAF programming.

A series of mini lectures (10-15 minutes) followed by a brief screening relating to the talk. Drop in on your way home from work or on your way to the festival!

tickets only $5.00



Wednesday 21 June

ACMI Cinema 1

The Talk > An introduction to Korean Animation
The Speaker > Malcolm Turner, MIAF Director
The Screening >
'Korean Alphabet', KIM In-Tae, 1967, 7'15
'Out To The World', KIM Su-Jin, 2004 > 5’30
'The Umbrella And the Loach', KIM Hyun-Joo, 2003 > 4’00

Last October, MIAF Director Malcolm Turner, was invited to sit on the jury of the inaugural Indie AniFest in Seoul, South Korea – a week long festival devoted entirely to recently released Korean animated short films. This full throttle download was, of course, the inspiration for the two-program Korean Panorama that is a feature of this year’s MIAF. South Korean animation is filled with unusual and highly original ideas. It travels to a very different beat than much of what we are used to seeing. Turner’s week-long 24/7 full immersion in the films and animation community of South Korea was a life-changing experience and he will discuss what he learned and how he applied it in selecting the films that will show in the Korean Panorama screenings. At the conclusion of the talk he will screen the same selection of classic early Korean films that were selected for the opening night celebration of Indie AniFest.


Thursday 22 June

ACMI Cinema 1

The Talk > The Making & Meaning of Jona/Tomberry
The Speaker > Rosto, Filmmaker
The Screening > Jona/Tomberry, Rosto AD, Holland, 2005, 12’00

MIAF special guest, Rosto, is a multi talented artist – an animator, graphic novelist, musician and designer. His latest film, the stunningly animated “Jona/Tomberry” is perhaps better described as an ‘experience’ than a story. It certainly eskews linear narrative and defies the audience to impose a singular meaning to it. And yet, meaning feels within the grasp of anybody who watches it with the right set of eyes. Mulitple viewings help but this session offers an opportunity to hear the background and creative energy behind this amazing work directly from the filmmaker.


Friday 23 June

ACMI Cinema 1

The Talk > How Can It Take 3 Years To Make A 10 Minute Film
The Speaker > Randall Lynton, Filmmaker
The Sreening >
Ransis And Alee, Randall Lynton, Australia, 2006, 10'00

Perth animator, Randall Lynton, brings his recently released macabre, stop-motion gem to MIAF. The film tracks the petty squabbles between a dog and cat duking it out nightly to find food on the mean streets – until the night the night a gargoyle comes to life. Lynton’s intensely detailed characters and sets burst with texture but it is the fluidity of the animation that makes this a special film. None of this is easy – or quick – to achieve. But three years?? The filmmaker will talk about the often painstaking technique of making ‘Ransis And Alee’ and give some insights into the realities of creating animation in Australia.

* 'Ransis And Alee' is an Australian Premiere


Admission is restricted to 18+
IMPORTANT: Film classification regulations do not allow us to admit any person under the age of 18 years EXCEPT to the Kids Animation 1 & Kids Animation 2.

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