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.. Presentation: YunTech, Taiwan

Wednesday 21 June
ACMI Cinema 1

Saturday 24 June
9.00pm (repeat screening)
ACMI Cinema 2

A big screen review of this stunning, 90’s cult favourite that single handedly created a genre of animation and a style of movement since mimiced over and over (ever wonder where the ‘unique’ look for The Matrix came from?). Uber cool, savagely stylish and with a visual inventiveness that dares the mind to try and take it all in, Aeon Flux’s astonishing mix of hard edge comic style drawing, B&D/Sci Fi settings and mind altering storylines crashed through perceptions of what TV animation could even contemplate - let alone get away with - screening.

Korean animator, Peter Chung, first launched Aeon Flux onto MTV in 1991 as a series of shorts. The following year, Aeon Flux went to half-hour episodes. The series didn’t so much break rules – it created new ones. There was no sense of continuity between episodes. Aeon Flux died in every one of the shorts, some times as a result of her own ill conceived actions. Festishism, domination and aggressive female sexuality often unashamedly took front stage.

The title character is a tall, willowy assassin, secret agent and parttime model for a foot fetish magazine. As a clandestine soldier for the nation of 'Monica’, she must infiltrate the defences of neighbouring ‘Bregna’. This brings her into constant and deadly conflict with Bregna’s leader, Trevor Goodchild – her sworn enemy and lover. Graphic violence, often crackling with the frightening sexual tension existing between heroine and nemesis, are depicted with a startling gracefulness and a hyper powered choreograhy that didn’t just smoulder and burn on TV screens but also made incredible use of the unique properties of animation.

This big screen collection of classic Aeon Flux shorts & episodes was selected by the creator, Peter Chung, especially for MIAF.

Peter Chung has generously provided a showreel featuring some of his other animated films, projects and ads. It's a collection of wild, vibrant, original material and we'll be screening it before The Aeon Flux Collection.

Admission is restricted to 18+
IMPORTANT: Film classification regulations do not allow us to admit any person under the age of 18 years EXCEPT to the Kids Animation 1 & Kids Animation 2.

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