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Sat 24 June
ACMI CInema 2

A MIAF highlight!! Time for Australian animation to claim the home ground advantage. Not that it needs it. In the previous 12 months, MIAF has presented programs of Australian animation (including many of these films) to enthusiastic receptions at festivals in places at far apart as Istanbul, Seoul and Rome. Australian animation is on a roll…. And here’s the reason why!

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The Boy Who Wanted To Touch The Moon
John Lewis, Australia, 2004 > 4’00
Based on a Carribean fairy tale, an exquisitely crafted film depicting the desire to touch the moon.
In My Day
Dave Jones, Australia, 2005 > 5’00
Bridging generations. Students at Natimuk Primary create drawings to illustrate stories by the elders.
Morning Star
Studio Moshi, Australia, 2005 > 5’00
A vibrantly colourful film depicting an ancient Aboriginal ceremony to release the spirit of a dead man.
Adrian Rose, Australia, 2005 > 2’15
A vibrant celebration of the potential of animated forms to constantly move, change and surprise.
The Fabulous Adventures Of Mr Money
Jamie Clennett, Australia, 2004 > 6’00
An oblivious explorer lands in a surreal clown land and begins to behave as all colonisers do.

Ransis And Alee
Randall Lynton, Australia, 2006 > 10’00
Ramsis the dog and Alee the cat join forces to face down the gargoyle.

*Australian Premiere

Mick Elliott, Australia, 2006 > 3’15
No question about it. This guy is your honest-to-goodness genuine-article Dick Head.
The Iron Tower (Menara Besi)
Yeap Heng Shen, Australia, 200 > 2’00
An intricately detailed depiction of how the mightiest power can be overcome by the simplest means.
The Ecstacy Of Gary Green
Jack Feldstein, Australia, 2005, > 15’00
An increasingly frenetic journey down a twisting path trying to hold on to a thread of logic.
Feeding Time
Trent Denham, Australia, 2005 > 4’45
A hi-res, bird’s eye view of nature’s battle for survival in the skies.
A Monster's Voyage
Morag Porteous, Australia, 2005 > 7’00
Unusual shipmates share the struggle for survival when they find themselves adrift on the ocean.
A Room With Askew
Gregory Godhard, Australia, 2005 > 5’15
Nothing is quite what it originally seems in this very odd little abode.
An Unusual Circumstance
Hung Lin, Australia, 2005 > 2’30
An insightful and slightly surreal look at the way one young girl reacts to bullies in her school.
The Wagalak Sisters
Dave Jones, Australia, 2005 > 5’00
The sisters are the keepers and teachers of the law but this changes when they are distracted.

Admission is restricted to 18+
IMPORTANT: Film classification regulations do not allow us to admit any person under the age of 18 years EXCEPT to the Kids Animation 1 & Kids Animation 2.

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