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Saturday 24 June
ACMI Cinema 1

Two time Academy Award winner, Frederic Back is a Canadian master animator with few equals. For many years, his talent was given full flight under the auspices of Hubert Tison’s legendary Radio Canada animation department.

Vibrant colouring and elegant artwork are visual hallmarks of his style. His parallel career as a book illustrator is another obvious influence on the look of his films while his unwaivering commitment to environmental issues provide the spark that ignites the firm-but-gentle passion that is deeply embedded in the DNA of his work.

Back’s ability to capture, recreate and animate the very essence of a natural environment is absolutely uncanny. There is more – much much more – to this than simply animating landscapes. He is one of the finest animators of flowing water, can animate ‘invisible’ wind and capture the stillness and pure majesty of mother nature like no other animator.

All Nothing
1978, 11’00
In this exploding torrent of creative intensity, more than 10,000 drawings are utilised to give us a ring-side seat at the creation of the world.
1981, 15’00
A discarded but once much-loved rocking chair becomes the star attraction at a new museum of modern art.
The Man Who Planted Trees
1988, 30’00
Legendary Academy Award winning film narrated by Christopher Plummer, tells how a good and simple man with an ear for the language of the earth, makes a forest grow in what was a god-forsaken, waterless waste.
The Mighty River
1993, 24’00
This sumptuous film reveals much about the St. Lawrence. Not only its history but also the countless treasures it harbours and the people who have garnered a living along its shores and who continue to do so.

Admission is restricted to 18+
IMPORTANT: Film classification regulations do not allow us to admit any person under the age of 18 years EXCEPT to the Kids Animation 1 & Kids Animation 2.

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