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Sunday 25 June
ACMI Cinema 2

MIAF’s special guest, Rosto, presents this three film adaptation of his graphic novel “Mind My Gap”.

Welcome to an utterly unique, fearsome world overfuelled with its own seering logic and rules. Welcome to a screen experience of extraordinary visual style where truly awe-inspiring CG animation brings to big-screen life a highly original graphic novel. Welcome to the very unusual world of Rosto AD – animator, graphic novelist, musician, artist and designer.

This trilogy has its genesis in the mid 1990’s when characters and storylines began emerging during the process of re-interpreting lyrics to original songs that Rosto’s band, The Wreckers, were performing at the time. A multi-media art project and graphic novel titled “Mind My Gap” was the result and that, in turn, breathed a kind of valhalla life into the first film of the trilogy in 1999.

This is a superbly visioned, multi layered and challenging body of work flowing directly from the imagination of a powerfully creative artist and masterful animator.

MIAF is delighted to have Rosto present this screening. In person, Rosto is an engaging, impressive presence. His views on the importance of art-in-life are lucid and uncompromising. The Q&A that will follow when the lights go up will be a memorable event in its own right.

1999, 3'00
"We may perhaps thus bring no body back but will not lose our head".
The Rise And Fall Of The Legendary Anglobilly Feverson
2002 > 10’00
Kerouac meets Melies in a roadmovie through the sky.
2005 > 12’00
Ooppelgangers and alter ego's, reflection and repetition; opposites and duplicates. Perhaps a self portrait of Rost.

Admission is restricted to 18+
IMPORTANT: Film classification regulations do not allow us to admit any person under the age of 18 years EXCEPT to the Kids Animation 1 & Kids Animation 2.

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