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Saturday 24 June
ACMI Cinema 2

John Lewis

Stop Motion Animator – ‘The Birdhouse’ and ‘The Boy Who Wanted To Touch The Moon’


Many of us who create stop motion do so because we don’t have an intimate relationship with our computer. But let’s face it, everything is going digital even if our puppets aren’t, and we need to keep up. The software designers, however, haven’t quite taken this poor minority group of puppet pushers and our thousands of still images into their consideration.

Adobe After Effects and Premiere are becoming more integrated making for a much smoother pipe line between editing and post. However the software still has many short comings when we try to apply our thousands of images to the process. If Adobe won’t take a moment to consider stop motion animators we'll have to do it ourselves.

This master class is an overview of everything the stop motion animator needs to know about going digital. From digital cameras and frame grabbers, how to manage our mass of stills, and how to get around some problems when editing and post in Premiere and After Effects. We will create a smooth pipeline through the whole process, and all directly off our original still images.

We will also look at the advantages of going digital with some compositing tricks and clean up in after effects. John’s current film in competition, 'The Boy Who Wanted To Touch The Moon', is a stop motion that uses every trick in the book and will serve as our example as we reconstruct some key scenes before your eyes.


Admission is restricted to 18+
IMPORTANT: Film classification regulations do not allow us to admit any person under the age of 18 years EXCEPT to the Kids Animation 1 & Kids Animation 2.

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