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Media World Pictures is one of Australia’s leading independent production companies; with offices in both Melbourne and Perth. The company has been operating for over 25 years, producing everything from award-winning animation series and acclaimed feature films to documentaries and more recently, prime time drama series for television. Media World’s latest animation series, Dogstar, is currently screening on the Nine Network and the company is in pre-production on a second series of The Circuit, the ground-breaking drama series produced for SBS Television.

Over the years, Media World has successfully developed and produced hundreds of hours of content for both television and the big screen. High profile productions such as the company’s early award winning feature The Silver Brumby starring Russell Crowe, was distributed by Roadshow in Australia, Paramount Pictures in the US and Twentieth Century Fox in the rest of the world. Media World’s subsequent features are many and varied and include the psychological thrillers Zone 39 (1996) and 4 Jacks (1999), the comedy Beware of Greeks Bearing Guns (2000), and the tongue-in-cheek adventure Let’s Get Skase (2001). More recently the company has been instrumental in producing Australia’s first indigenous comedy feature, To Hell and Back. Written and directed by Richard Frankland, the film is due for release late in 2008.

Media World has also become a major player in the animation market. Credits include: The Silver Brumby (a series based on the feature of the same name); The New Adventures of Ocean Girl (based on the successful live-action series); and two seasons of the adult animated sitcom John Callahan’s QUADS! (an international co-production with Canadian company Nelvana). To date Media World has produced 117 half hours of broadcast animation.


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