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Cinema 1
Best of The Next:
International Graduate Festival

3.30pm BOTN 1: RCA 2010 Showcase 15+
4.30pm BOTN 2: International Program 15+
5.30pm BOTN 3: International Program 15+
6.30pm BOTN 4: Australian 15+

Cinema 2
7.00pm MIAF Opening Night Gala Screening 18+

Festival Club: 5.00pm - 10.00pm
6.30pm Installation Collection all ages (FREE)
Cinema 1
5.15pm Animation 101: Pause Fest -
Future Vision
6.30pm Focus On Poland 1 18+
8.15pm New York Who’s Who 18+
Cinema 2
6.15pm International Program 1 18+
8.00pm SIGGRAPH Highlights,
presented by RMIT

Festival Club: 5.00pm - 10.00pm
6.30pm Music Video Program all ages
Studio 1
5.00pm Panorama 1 18+
6.00pm Panorama 2 18+
7.00pm Panorama 3 18+
8.00pm Panorama 4: Australian 18+
Cinema 1
5.15pm Animation 102: Gaming Culture In Animation 18+
6.15pm Focus On Poland 2 18+
8.00pm International Program 6: Abstract 18+

Festival Club: 5.00pm - 10.00pm
Cinema 1
5.15pm Animation 103: Making a Cut-out Film,
My Good Half - a work in progress
6.00pm Supinfocom: Le Lab d’Images Project 18+
7.00pm Careers in Animation Forum,
presented by Holmesglen
(all ages) (FREE)
8.30pm RCA 25th Anniversary Retrospective 18+
Cinema 2
6.15pm International Program 2 18+
8.00pm International Program 7: Long Shorts 18+

Festival Club: 5.00pm - 10.00pm
Cinema 1

5.15pm Animation 104: Multi-platforms, Animation In All The Right Places 18+
6.15pm UPA 1: The UPA Style (all ages)
7.45pm The Animate Collection - UK 18+
Cinema 2
6.00pm International Program 8:
Supinfocom Is Back
8.00pm International Program 3 18+

Festival Club: 12.00pm - 11.00pm
Cinema 1

11.30am Kids Program (all ages)
3.00pm International Program 1 (Repeat) 18+
4.30pm International Program 2 (Repeat) 18+
6.00pm Six Pack Film Tribute Program 18+
7.30pm UPA 2: The Story Of UPA
& The Classics
(all ages)
9.00pm Focus on Poland 3 18+
Cinema 2
2.00pm Mister Magoo Collection (all ages)
3.15pm Sky Song (Mati Kutt, Estonia) 18+
4.15pm Australian Showcase 18+
6.15pm International Program 4 18+
7.45pm International Program 5 18+
9.30pm Late Night Bizarre 18+

Festival Club: 4.00pm - 10.00pm
Cinema 1

3.00pm International Program 3 (Repeat) 18+
4.30pm International Program 4 (Repeat) 18+
6.00pm International Program 5 (Repeat) 18+
Cinema 2
4.00pm Technique Focus: Cut-Outs 18+
5.30pm Feature: “Good Bye Mister Christie”
(Phil Mulloy, UK)
8.00pm Best Of The Fest 18+
10.00pm Best Of The Fest (Repeat) 18+

* programs and times are subject to change


Admission is restricted to 18+, except where noted:

> BOTN 1: RCA 2010 Showcase 15+
> BOTN 2: International Program 15+
> BOTN 3: International Program 15+
> BOTN 4: Australian 15+
> SIGGRAPH Highlights, presented by RMIT 15+
> Careers Forum,
presented by Holmesglen
(all ages)
> UPA 1: The UPA Style (all ages)
> Kids Program (all ages)
> UPA 2: The Story Of UPA &
The Classics
(all ages)
> Mister Magoo Collection (all ages)

Film classification regulations in Australia require all films to either be formally classified OR restricted to an audience of 18 years of age and over. Like most festivals, we do not have the resources to classify films, and it is for this reason alone that we are not able to admit any person under the age of 18 years to the main MIAF screenings.

presented by

thursday 23 june, 7.00pm
cinema 1
(unclassified all ages)

This session is free, but a ticket must be collected
from ACMI Ticketing & Information

A general discussion amongst panellists and the audience about the animation industry including job opportunities, realistic salary expectations and how to get your foot in the door. The panel will address the diversity of the industry including opportunities to specialise in different fields and work overseas. All aspects relevant to a career in animation will be covered with the aim to assist you in deciding if this is the career for you and what skills you need to enter this industry. There will be an opportunity for you to ask questions and gain an insight into the exciting career paths in this fast-growing industry.

Forum09, photo by Ben Landau

Forum09, photo by Ben Landau

Forum09, photo by Ben Landau
photos: Ben landau


Jack Parry
Jack Parry has 9 years animation industry experience and over 11 years teaching experience. Besides being the Director of Parry Studios, he has taught 3D Animation at RMIT, Deakin University and The Computer Graphics College. Jack has a first class Honours degree in Computer Engineering and has completed 4 years of postgraduate research in speech science. Jack's film "Flutterby" has been awarded 2007 Best Victorian Film by The Victorian Independent Film Festival. He has also exhibited a Screen Australia co-funded short film called Calypso. In addition to native English.

Darren Bell
Darren's experience includes compositing bluescreen footage and elements for “Australia,” Compositing and puppet rig removal “Mary & Max,” lead Sculptor - “Mary & Max.” His involvement with Mary and Max included sculpting main characters from a design brief issued by Adam Elliot for molding and puppet fabrication from a variety of materials.

Huni Bolliger

Huni Bolliger graduated from her Masters of Animation at VCA in 2008. Her graduate film has screened in 23 International Film Festivals. The film won
- a Special Jury prize at Hiroshima Animation Festival 2010
- the E.H Shepherd Award for Best Visualisation of a Script 2008
- Best Masters Animation Script VCA 2008
- Best overall Film Fistfull of Films Australia 2010
- Best Animation Fistfull of Films Australia 2010
As well as teaching animation at Holmesglen Tafe, she currently works as a freelance animator and motion graphic artist on diverse projects such as documentaries, educational films, narrative films and animations.

Katrina Mathers

Katrina Mathers has been creatively producing content and managing teams and business across a wide range of production platforms for many years and has made over a dozen award-winning short films of her own. She’s worked as a producer, writer or director of branded content, corporate entertainment, television and commercials for various organisations including: ABC TV (10 years in Entertainment and Comedy), Granada Productions, the St Kilda Film Festival, Artist Services, 9mm Commercials, Cornerbox and MCM Entertainment. Katrina is a founding partner of animation studio The Lampshade Collective, which was responsible for producing the short animated film 'Nullarbor', funded by Film Victoria and Screen Australia. 'Nullarbor' recently screened on opening night at Stuttgart Trickfilm International Festival of Animated Film, and in competition at Annecy International Film Festival. Experienced also as a writer/performer, Katrina was a regular on the ABC Comedy series 'Flipside' and played newsreader Sandra Sultry on Channel 10’s ‘The Wedge’.


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