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Cinema 1
Best of The Next:
International Graduate Festival

3.30pm BOTN 1: RCA 2010 Showcase 15+
4.30pm BOTN 2: International Program 15+
5.30pm BOTN 3: International Program 15+
6.30pm BOTN 4: Australian 15+

Cinema 2
7.00pm MIAF Opening Night Gala Screening 18+

Festival Club: 5.00pm - 10.00pm
6.30pm Installation Collection all ages (FREE)
Cinema 1
5.15pm Animation 101: Pause Fest -
Future Vision
6.30pm Focus On Poland 1 18+
8.15pm New York Who’s Who 18+
Cinema 2
6.15pm International Program 1 18+
8.00pm SIGGRAPH Highlights,
presented by RMIT

Festival Club: 5.00pm - 10.00pm
6.30pm Music Video Program all ages
Studio 1
5.00pm Panorama 1 18+
6.00pm Panorama 2 18+
7.00pm Panorama 3 18+
8.00pm Panorama 4: Australian 18+
Cinema 1
5.15pm Animation 102: Gaming Culture In Animation 18+
6.15pm Focus On Poland 2 18+
8.00pm International Program 6: Abstract 18+

Festival Club: 5.00pm - 10.00pm
Cinema 1
5.15pm Animation 103: Making a Cut-out Film,
My Good Half - a work in progress
6.00pm Supinfocom: Le Lab d’Images Project 18+
7.00pm Careers in Animation Forum,
presented by Holmesglen
(all ages) (FREE)
8.30pm RCA 25th Anniversary Retrospective 18+
Cinema 2
6.15pm International Program 2 18+
8.00pm International Program 7: Long Shorts 18+

Festival Club: 5.00pm - 10.00pm
Cinema 1

5.15pm Animation 104: Multi-platforms, Animation In All The Right Places 18+
6.15pm UPA 1: The UPA Style (all ages)
7.45pm The Animate Collection - UK 18+
Cinema 2
6.00pm International Program 8:
Supinfocom Is Back
8.00pm International Program 3 18+

Festival Club: 12.00pm - 11.00pm
Cinema 1

11.30am Kids Program (all ages)
3.00pm International Program 1 (Repeat) 18+
4.30pm International Program 2 (Repeat) 18+
6.00pm Six Pack Film Tribute Program 18+
7.30pm UPA 2: The Story Of UPA
& The Classics
(all ages)
9.00pm Focus on Poland 3 18+
Cinema 2
2.00pm Mister Magoo Collection (all ages)
3.15pm Sky Song (Mati Kutt, Estonia) 18+
4.15pm Australian Showcase 18+
6.15pm International Program 4 18+
7.45pm International Program 5 18+
9.30pm Late Night Bizarre 18+

Festival Club: 4.00pm - 10.00pm
Cinema 1

3.00pm International Program 3 (Repeat) 18+
4.30pm International Program 4 (Repeat) 18+
6.00pm International Program 5 (Repeat) 18+
Cinema 2
4.00pm Technique Focus: Cut-Outs 18+
5.30pm Feature: “Good Bye Mister Christie”
(Phil Mulloy, UK)
8.00pm Best Of The Fest 18+
10.00pm Best Of The Fest (Repeat) 18+

* programs and times are subject to change


Admission is restricted to 18+, except where noted:

> BOTN 1: RCA 2010 Showcase 15+
> BOTN 2: International Program 15+
> BOTN 3: International Program 15+
> BOTN 4: Australian 15+
> SIGGRAPH Highlights, presented by RMIT 15+
> Careers Forum,
presented by Holmesglen
(all ages)
> UPA 1: The UPA Style (all ages)
> Kids Program (all ages)
> UPA 2: The Story Of UPA &
The Classics
(all ages)
> Mister Magoo Collection (all ages)

Film classification regulations in Australia require all films to either be formally classified OR restricted to an audience of 18 years of age and over. Like most festivals, we do not have the resources to classify films, and it is for this reason alone that we are not able to admit any person under the age of 18 years to the main MIAF screenings.

sunday 26 june, 4.00pm
cinema 2
(unclassified 18+)

The Hedgehog In The Fog | Yuri Norstein

Every year we curate a program focusing on a specific animating technique. This year – as promised – it’s cut-outs. On one level, cut-out animation is a pretty easy technique to grasp. It’s one of the easiest techniques to teach to kids for example, but the level of complexity that masters of the form bring to it can breathe life in to what are nothing more than small pieces of cardboard. The technique has been a mainstay of many Russian and Eastern European animators, such as Yuru Norstein, whose graceful little characters have enchanted audiences for decades. This program mixes a collection of master works dating back to the 1940s with a selection of recent works, which are in competition.


The Girl And The Hunter / La Fille Et Le Chasseur
Director: Jadwiga Kowalska
Producers: Jadwiga Kowalska, Claude Barras

Switzerland, 5'23, 2010
The village is in big trouble. Outside it is raining a young girl's tears and it's up to the hunter to put things in order.

The Collagist
Directors: Amy Lockhart, Marc Bell
Producer: Amy Lockhart

Canada, 2'00, 2009
A collage artist endeavours to complete his work while interpreting and translating the beauty of toiling hands and the action of scissors.

Director/Producer: Maya Erdelyi

USA, 4'00, 2010
Phosphena – also known as Phosphene – is an entoptic phenomenon charactised by the experience of seeing light without light actually entering the eye.
Director/Producer: Tim Romanowsky

Germany, 5'05, 2010
A graphic revision of a 1929 Ub Iwerks short film. Famous figures and classic visual elements flow together in a new and devolved world without rules or boundaries.
The Rooster, The Crocodile And The Night Sky
Padraig Fagan

Ireland, 6'34, 2008
A tale of passion, loss, surreal comedy and explosive violence, all animated to create a dreamy, hand-made aesthetic. A visual paradox.
Petticoat / Onderrok
Director: Jade de Paepe :

France, 3'30, 2010
Curiosity gets the better of a small boy who wanders just a little close in his search to find out what's underneath the petticoats of dancing women.
Director/Producer: Veronika Obertova

Slovakia, 7'00, 2010
Viliam lives in his own animated life within the real world. Childish fun turns into a problem, the problem becomes a solution. No solution is perfect though…
Jeannine M.
Gregoire Lemoine

France, 2010, 4'05
Lots of motivation, a gassed up rocket-ship and a good ol' fashioned telephone - all this crew of pensioners need to change the world.
The Three Blind Mice
Director: George Dunning

Canada, 5'10, 1945
The beloved nursery rhyme is put to use to illustrate why industrial safety rules must be observed with no less amputative results than in the original version.
The Labyrinth / Labyrint
Director: Jan Lenica

Poland, 14'00, 1963
A self-consciously Kafka-esque tale of a winged, lonely man literally devoured by totalitarian rule.
The Blackbird / Le Merle
Director: Norman McLaren
Canada, 4'34, 1958
The genius of simplicity. Here McLaren imparts unusual activity to an old French-Canadian nonsense song using little more than white cut-outs on pastel backgrounds.
The Hedgehog In The Fog
Director: Yuri Norstein

Russia, 10'25, 1975
One of the finest animated films ever made by the acknowledged master of classic Russian cut-out animation.


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