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> Festival Pass Booking Form / Schedule (pdf)

If you purchase a festival pass (full or mini), please download this form and complete to collect your ticketsfrom ACMI Tickets & Information.
This process will help reduce queue waiting time.
Mini pass holders must purchase all 6 tickets at the same time.
Full festival Pass Holders can collect tickets either all at once, or in increments.
If you wish to buy a few single tickets, this form can also be helpful.
It also doubles as a handy schedule!

download (55kb) Full size A4

Please note, this form does not include:

Lee Whitmore's workshop on Wednesday 20 June
The VCA screening @ Grant St Theatre on Wednesday 20 June
Animation Cabaret programs in Studio 1 @ ACMI on Saturday 23 June

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> Comparison schedule

Here's a comparison schedule for the visually inclined... uber handy for seeing when all sessions start and stop - and how to skip from one cinema to another if you need to!...

Comparison schedule download (20.9kb) Full size A4


> Printed program

It's big. It's beautiful. And it's here to view online.

It's actually A2 in size (594mm x 420mm), so if you're super eager to download it, you may have more luck reducing it to A3.
Otherwise pick one up from ACMI!

Printed program download (13.4mb) Full size A2


> Offical Catalogue

Download the catalogue, or read it right here... or even better still, purchase it in the flesh during the festival for only $10. We only print a limited run which makes them extra special. And we all like to have that special publication on our bookshelves - don't we?!

This unique publication is absolutely chocoblock full of extended program notes (MIAF Director Malcolm Turner's special stream of consciousness contribution!), Q&A's, articles, contact details for films in competition and a couple of extras... it's the perfect addition to your bookshelf, and perfect reading in between sessions. No other festival does a catalogue quite like us!

download (6.99mb)


> A3 poster

Wanna print out the front of the program and post it on your bedroom wall, toilet door, fridge, workplace bulletin board, student union board, give to a friend, laminate or frame for eternity... then you can do so right here. It's A3 in size, but if you set your printer correctly, it will cope with being printed at A4 just nicely.

download (8.65mb)


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