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Stand-by animation fans! MIAF2012 is coming together – FAST!

A couple of thousand competition entries are being processed and watched ONE AT A TIME, great Australian animation has been posted in, passed along or dropped off, special programs are gradually emerging from vaults and collections the world over. Emails are flying, pleas are being pleaded, deals being cut – we’re pulling out all of the stops and pushing in all of the starts to make this the best MIAF ever.

Here’s just a sample of the animated delights that will hit the screens at ACMI from Sunday 17 June to Sunday 24 June.

Mon 18 June, 7.00pm

The only way to begin the gig! A collection of films from right across the MIAF12 line-up. New films in competition, classics from the special programs, a first chance to meet the guests, a glimpse at the new Australian crop and one or two that just didn’t fit into the program anywhere. Come one, come all – but book early!


(Opening Night tix can also be claimed if you buy a full festival pass)
'En Parties', Hugo Bravo

The International Competition Programs (unclassified 15+)
> International Program #1: Tue 19 June, 6.15pm / Fri 23 June, 7.45pm (repeat screening)
> International Program #2: Tue 19 June, 8.00pm / Sat 23 June, 3.30pm (repeat screening)
> International Program #3: Thu 21 June, 6.30pm / Sat 23 June, 5.00pm (repeat screening)
> International Program #4: Thu 21 June, 8.00pm / Sat 23 June, 6.30pm (repeat screening)
> International Program #5: Fri 22 June, 6.15pm / Sun 24 June, 3.00pm (repeat screening)
> International Program #6: Sat 23 June, 6.00pm / Sun 24 June, 4.30pm (repeat screening)
> International Program #7 Sat 23 June, 7.45pm / Sun 24 June, 6.00pm (repeat screening)
> International Program #8: Abstract Showcase: Wed 20 June, 6.30pm
> International Program #9: Long Shorts: Wed 20 June, 8.00pm
> Technique Focus:Live Action / Animation Hybrid: Sat 23 June, 2.00pm

The best of recently released short animated films from all over the world, carefully chosen from 2000 or so entries. They come in from every corner, they use every technique, they can be funny, dramatic, eye-popping, subdued, documentary or autobiographical. The one thing they have in common is that we think they’re the pick of the crop. There are also competition programs focusing purely on abstract animation and longer shorts.

'Golden Hour', Lucy Fahey

> THE Australian Showcase (unclassified 15+)
Sat 23 June, 4.00pm

A strong year for Australian animation. There is masterful CG, beautifully crafted puppet animation, and skilfully drawn work. All together it’s the most comprehensive look at a year of animatin’ in this wide, brown/green/wet land. Lovin it!

Don't forget to check out other Australian films in:
Best of the Next 4: Australian: Sun 17 June, 6.30pm
Lee Whitmore Showcase: Wed 20 June, 5.00pm
International Program 6: Abstract Showcase: Wed 20 June, 6.30pm
International Program #9: Long Shorts: Wed 20 June, 8.00pm
Animation 101 series (includes Alex Stitt)
: Fri 22 June, 5.15pm
Panorama #4: Australian: Fri 22 June, 6.30pm
Technique Focus: Live Action / Animation Hybrid: Sat 23 June, 2.00pm
Late Night Bizarre: Sat 23 June, 9.30pm

'Life. Be In It'

Alex Stitt – An Australian Pioneer (all ages)
> Animation 104: Friday 22 June, 5.15pm

We should have done this years ago. But better late than never. Alex Stitt is in the truest sense of the word one of the pioneering cornerstones of the Australian animation scene. His feature film “Grendel Grendel Grendel” was a milestone in Australian animating when it was released (and was recommended to us by – among others – Bill Plympton). His animated ads shaped the TV-scape and gave the box an Australian edge. “Life – Be In It” is surely a pure classic of the genre. We're very excited to be presenting his fabulous story.
> Radio National's By Design conversation with Alex Stitt

Uncle > Adam Elliot > VCA: AN ANIMATED STORY: Special Alumni Screening & Forum - FREE!!
Wed 20 June, 6.30pm
VENUE : Federation Hall, Grant Street, Victorian College of the Arts
Please note, this is not screening at ACMI Cinemas (see map here).

The VCA celebrates over 40 years of animation training at the School of Film and Television with a screening of selected student animated shorts and a panel discussion between alumni, staff and current students.

The panel discussion will focus on the importance of story in the VCA animation experience and will be followed by a screening of Sarah Watt’s student film “Catch of the Day” - which was to reflect the style of subsequent work.

'The Roll Call', Ryszard Czekala

'Fallen Art', Tomek Baginski

Polish Studio Collection (unclassified 15+)
In case you haven’t noticed, we’re BIG fans of Polish animation here. We went back to Poland and sat down with four of the most important studios there.

> #1 STUDIO MINIATUR Tue 19 Jun, 5.30pm
One of Poland’s most prolific and successful studios.

> #2 KRAKOW ANIMATION STUDIO (aka SFA) Thu 21 Jun, 8.30pm
Was a home to a veritable who’s who of Polish animation for all of it’s 40 year history.

> #3 SE-MA-FOR Sat 23 June, 1.45pm
Founded in 1947 and has produced over 1500 films including Academy Award winners “Tango” and “Peter And The Wolf”.

> #4 PLATIGE IMAGE Sun 24 Jun, 5.30pm
This new-comer is showing the rest of the world how to create breathtaking CG animation with films such as “Fallen Art” and Academy Award nominated “Cathedral” - as well as being pioneers of 3D stereoscopy work that leads the way in showing what this technology can REALLY do.

This extensive series of four different programs focusing on these four key Polish studios, paints a stunning picture of what makes Polish animation so strong and so special.

Eggheads, Klasky Csupo pilot > The Art & Times Of Klasky Csupo (unclassified 18+)
Fri 22 June, 8.00pm

Loved putting this one together, oh yes! Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo created the iconic Klasky Csupo Studio from scratch in a spare room in their apartment. It grew to become one of the true greats of the animation scene giving us the original Simpson’s shorts, the first three seasons of The Simpson’s TV series, the blockbuster Rug Rats series and movies, the utterly unique cult classic Duckman, a galaxy of ads, music videos and shorts – and it provided a home base for the great Igor Kovalyov to realise some of his greatest creative auteur films. This program looks at the some of those highlights, takes a real close-up look at their best UNSCREENED pilots and will showcase some of Igor Kovalyov’s works. A treat from start to finish.
'Autobahn' > Halas And Batchelor Retrospective (unclassified 15+)
Sat 23 June, 8.15pm

A showstopper program – and it comes from a town where they still throw burning tar-pots in the river on Guy Fawkes!! Halas & Batchelor was for many years the definitive British auteur animation studio. As well as their animated feature of “Animal Farm”, they created an entire stable of some of the best and most ground-breaking British short animated films. Beautifully drawn, gorgeously and generously coloured, this is but a glimpse of what this studio created in its 40 years of existence.

'Modern No.2', Mirai Mizue

'Island Of Man', Hiromitsu Murakami

New Japanese Animation At A Glance (unclassified 15+)
Two programs that open the window – at least a little – on what’s going on in the young Japanese animation scene.

> #1 - Tokyo University of the Arts: Thu 21 June, 5.00pm
The arrival of legendary Japanese animator Koji Yamamura (“Mt Head”, “Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor”, “Muybridge’s Strings” to name but a few) dramatically and quickly re-energised the Tokyo University of the Arts animation course into a creative powerhouse of the Japanese animation scene and the world is beginning to sit up and take notice of its graduates. This collection looks at some of their more recent graduate works and shows what a unique torrent of animation has been untapped there.

> #2 - The CALF Collective: Sun 24 June, 4.00pm
The Calf Collective is a small group of young Japanese indie animators that decided to pool resources and take their work to the world under a single banner. It’s worked extremely well with CALF screenings of one kind or another in a vast array of festivals around the world in the last 18 months. And now it’s our turn to check out this group of Japanese indie animation trendsetters.

'Compartments Or "I Am Not A Monster"',  Hannah Letaif

Country Of Focus – BELGIUM (unclassified 15+)
> Program #1: Tue 19 June, 7.30pm
> Program #2: Thu 21 June, 5.15pm

Belgium animation draws from a rich and varied set of cultural perspectives. In part fuelled by some of Europe’s best animation courses (the best known of which are La Cambre and KASK), the history of animating in Belgium is a long and rewarding one to explore. With a LOT of help from Belgium’s own Anima festival we have compiled a collection of exciting new and historically varied older animation from the place that gave us Tin Tin and Asterix.

> Phil Mulloy featurE: 'Dead But Not Buried' (unclassified 18+)
Sun 24 June, 2.00pm

Annnnnd …… here comes the latest Phil Mulloy feature, the final instalment in the absurd melodramatic Christies trilogy. Raw, rough, made in a hurry by a filmmaker who sets his own pace and moves his own goalposts. Mulloy's uncompromising rhythm & stark minimal graphic style promises to challenge with the return of the irrepressible Mister Christie.

'Many Go Round', Yoshihisa Nakanishi > KIDS PROGRAM (all ages)
Sat 23 June, 10.15am
Sat 23 June, 12.00pm
(repeat screening)

Animation, like childhood, can be just full of wonder with the biggest pleasures being the simplest ones. This program carefully chosen for our littlest and most special audience strips away all the soft-sell toy ads and the over-the-top blockbuster-style special effects and just delivers up a program of wonderful films full of simple joys.
'Atom', Klayton Stainer Best Of The Next:
International Graduate Animation Festival
(unclassified 15+)
> Program #1: International: Sun 17 June, 3.30pm
> Program #2: International: Sun 17 June, 4.30pm
> Program #3: International: Sun 17 June, 5.30pm
> Program #4: Australian: Sun 17 June, 6.30pm
The Australian program @ 6.30pm has sold out,
but we've scheduled a repeat of the session at 7.45pm! Hooray!
Book now!

A ‘festival within a festival’. Four diverse programs looking at the next generation of indie animators from a variety of angles. There are two programs of the best international student films drawn from more than 60 different schools in 25 countries; a screening of the Royal College of Arts (UK) 2010 graduates – AND we round the whole shebang off with a program spotlighting the Australian student animation scene.
Glossy > Julia Bourke International & AUSTRALIAN PanoramaS (unclassified 15+)
> Panorama #1 International: Tue 19 June, 6.45pm
> Panorama #2 International: Wed 20 June, 6.45pm
> Panorama #3 International: Thu 21 June, 6.45pm
> Panorama #4 Australian: Fri 22 June, 6.30pm

Four programs of ‘must-see’ films that missed the jury room consensus. Every bit as eclectic and diverse as the International Competition programs, this is an essential part of the core MIAF mission, rounding out our ‘snap-shot’ of the best new international films. PLUS – of course – the AUSTRALIAN PANORAMA which gives local animators one more chance to get their work up on the big screen where it looks best.
Bear-Horse! > Steve Stark

> Late Night Bizarre (unclassified 18+)
Sat 23 June, 9.30pm

Bad-ass bears, dudes with a variety of willie problems, meat in all the wrong places, drunk puppets, slimey politicians and a what’s what of weird sex – it’s all here kiddies!! Come ‘n’ get it.

> BEST OF THE FEST (unclassified 15+)
presented by

Sun 24 June, 8.00pm
Sun 24 June, 10.00pm

The Big Kahuna. The End of the Line. The Best of the Best…… it’s The Best Of The Fest. Judges votes, audience favourites and a few ‘over-looked’ classics we throw in for good measure. This is the last chance to see these films before the curtain comes down for another year. It always sells out so be in early.

> Careers IN ANIMATION Forum presented by Holmesglen (all ages)
Thu 21 June, 7.00pm

Our annual FREE Careers Forum will be back with its no-holds-barred look into what it takes to get a foothold in the animation industry – and what it takes to stay there.

Animation 101 series
> Animation 101: Tue 19 June, 5.15pm (unclassified 15+)
> Animation 102: Wed 20 June, 5.15pm (unclassified 15+)
> Animation 103: Thu 21 June, 5.15pm (unclassified 15+)
> Animation 104, Alex Stitt: Fri 22 June, 5.15pm (all ages)

Our ever popular series of focused lectures with accompanying short screenings designed to shine a light on specific topics and expand our animated horizons. Keep checking in for updates on the topics – we put ‘em together as we build the festival; that way they’re good and fresh.

There’s MORE programs in the pipe-line, there will be talks and forums, special screenings and we are talking to the Society of Animation Studies (SAS) Conference team about ways to share the animated love with them.

Check in here for updates, hit our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

It’s all animatedly good!

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