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As usual, MIAF pulls out all the stops to bring as much new Australian animation to the big screen as we can. There is the annual Australian Showcase (this one!), the Australian Panorama program and a dedicated Australian Student program (which SOLD OUT last year so get in quick). Together these programs present the most comprehensive picture of the current Australian scene.

In this year's showcase, there's an incredibly strong stop motion contingency (1/2 in fact!), as well as beautifully conceived 2D films and a painstaking (but stunning) paint on glass work by Xin Li who was mentored by Russian animators such as Aleksandr Petrov, Stanislav Sokolov and Garri Bardin. And of course, we haven't forgotten to include a couple films that we promise will make you chuckle.



> Australian Panorama, Thu 27 June 5.30pm

> Best of the Next: Australian Student Showcase, Sun 23 Jun 3.30pm
> Animation 101s: Meet the Filmmakers
> FEATURE: 'Abracadabra' in 3D, Alex Stitt (Fundraiser screening)
> FEATURE: 'Grendel Grendel Grendel', Alex Stitt (Fundraiser screening)

> RENDER Animation Conference
> CG Symposium, presented in conjunction with Deakin University

> Opening Night Sneak Peek
> Music Video Program
> Installation Animation Program
> International Program #6: Abstract Showcase
> Late Night Bizarre
> Careers in Animation Forum, presented by Holmesglen

Director: Nicholas Kallincos
Producer: Shannon Owen
AUSTRALIA, 3'31, 2012
Paranormal occurrences. Karma for beginners. Understanding dreams and nightmares. Super-strength mothballs only offer so much protection.
> www.picnick.com.au
Good Grief
Director: Fiona Dalwood
Producer: Jonno Katz
AUSTRALIA, 7'54, 2013
A short stop-motion animated documentary exploring the lessons we learn from dealing with grief and loss.
> www.goodgrief.tv
> www.fionadalwood.com
Lunar New Year
Director: James Tran
Producer: Susan Danta
AUSTRALIA, 3'41, 2012
The big and small intricacies that together weave the memory of a Chinese family New Year.
> www.jamtuna.net
Cedric & Hope
Director: Pierce Davison
Producer: Jacob Fjord
AUSTRALIA, 13'50, 2012
The year is 1097 and the first bloody crusade is well and truly underway. One of the least celebrated benefits to emerge from this giant fracas was – would you believe it – soap!
> www.davisonbros.com
Easy Way Out
Director/Producer: Darcy Prendergast
AUSTRALIA, 2'12, 2012
A visually spellbinding music video teaming the Australian sensations Oh Yeah Wow and Gotye.
> www.ohyeahwow.com
Fire Tiger Vs Acid Panther
Director/Producer: Anya McNaughton
AUSTRALIA, 3'09, 2012
A visually dramatic, pitched battle between a flaming Fire Tiger and a sly Acid Panther, both in the hunt for a boar.
> www.tasteslikeanya.tumblr.com
Director: Isabel Peppard
Producer: Warwick Burton
AUSTRALIA, 12'06, 2012
A superbly crafted Faustian gothic fairytale about an artist struggling to keep her muse alive in the face of adversity.
> www.butterfliesanimation.com
A Tale Of Longing
Director/Producer: Xin Li
AUSTRALIA, 3'35, 2012
A beautifully hand-painted film charting a collection of journeys, real and imagined, from a range of different perspectives.
> www.xinli521.blogspot.com.au
> Xin Li on Ozanimate
Hamer Hall - Evolution
Director: Cameron Gough
Producers: Arts Centre Melbourne – Kelli Alred, Julian Ashton, Kelly-Anne Gentle
AUSTRALIA, 3'31, 2012
A twisting and turning tour through the ages of time depicting the vicissitudes of the site that now houses Melbourne’s Hamer Hall.
> www.dirtypuppet.com
A Bird's Song
Director: Alice Markham
Producer: Charles Sturt University
AUSTRALIA, 1'32, 2012
Music comes from the heart, from nature and freedom. Trying to cage the source is a folly only the evil would contemplate.
Directors/Producers: Curtis Richardson-Smith, Chris Voigt
AUSTRALIA, 1'04, 2012
Rage has many shapes. Rage has many colours. Rage makes a lot of noise. And it creates a hell of a mess when it hits the ground.
> www.curtisjrsmith.com
> www.greasymoose.com
Sleight Of Hand
Director: Michael Cusack
Producer: Richard Chataway
AUSTRALIA, 9'48, 2012
Described as “a love letter to stopmotion animation”, Sleight Of Hand is a very clever re-think about just who the animator is and who the animated is.
> www.anifex.com.au
Viajar Para A Formosa
Director: Hung Lin
Producer: Terri Dentry
AUSTRALIA, 7'10, 2013
As graceful as it is enigmatic, this film captures the gentle, inner turmoils and the mysterious, external majesties of a very personal journey home.
> http://hungillustrate.blogspot.com/
The Beards – Got Me A Beard
Director/Producer: Chris Edser
AUSTRALIA, 2012, 3'53
Sing it loud, sing it proud, don’t take no prisoners. Compromise isn’t on the menu, shaving is out of the question. Got me a beard. Beard power rules!!!
> www.chrisedser.com

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