We received graduation reels from more than sixty animation and film schools around the world. From these, we selected the best and put them in front of a student jury who came up with the three international programs. Throw in our Australian Student Animation Showcase and you have a brilliant window into the future of animation.

  Illogical Imaginings
Callan Laird Rafferty-Brown
AUSTRALIA, 2'30, 2012
Chisholm Institute
There’s a logic in there – it’s a crazy logic and it’s buried deep, but it’s there.
Alastair Richardson, Angela V. Pinilla
AUSTRALIA, 5'03, 2012
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
The intricate mechanics of what it takes to breathe life into the image on a page.
Gosia Lapinski
AUSTRALIA, 1'50, 2012
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
A glimpse at the complex nexus that exists between the politics of the school yard and the law of the jungle.
  When You Melt
Merethe Tingstad
AUSTRALIA, 6'32, 2012
Victorian College of Art
We know what we are. But not what we may be.
  Dou Hwa
Janet Liang-Chen Hsu
TAIWAN, 2'33, 2012
Monash University
The humblest of kitchens can be the platform for the most nourishing of meals.
Ben Wotton
AUSTRALIA, 4'00, 2012
Charles Sturt University
Every second is either a step closer to freedom and safety or the moment the dragon can fatally strike.
Nikolaos Davlouros
AUSTRALIA, 3'19, 2012
Charles Sturt University
Piñatas are all fun and games, unless you’re an actual piñata of course.
Jessica Harris
AUSTRALIA, 5'20, 2012
Victorian College of Art
Home can be a nebulous concept – perhaps best understood by those who actually have one.
  Inheriting Henry
Stuart Troup
AUSTRALIA, 7'00, 2012
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
A knock on the door. “Sign here please.” A large box. Looks like you have just inherited Henry.
  The Guardian's Tale
Jordan Higgins, Christoffer Klungerbo, Ryan Zujic
AUSTRALIA, 7'35, 2012
Griffith Film School, Griffith University
On a deserted planet, in a castle cruel and dark, lived a fearsome creature whose ambitions seemed stark.
  Thought Clouds
Director: Jon Saunders
Producer: Newport Film School, University of Wales
UK, 2'13, 2012
The story behind the story. Two animators sit down to brainstorm a kickass ninja ‘toon.
  Out Of Nowhere
Directors/Producers: Isca Mayo, Maayan Tzuriel
Producer: Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design
ISRAEL, 6'11, 2012
The sun can do pretty crazy things to some old men, and most chickens are renowned for their smartz.
Director: Bastien Belvaux
Producer: Ecole des Metiers du Cinema d’Animation
FRANCE, 5'24, 2012
In a city crammed to a standstill, one man seems to have an almost supernatural ability to cut through the traffic, see through the barriers and stay one step ahead of the mayor.
  Bye Bye Bunny
Directors: Julia Bueno, Julien Roguet, Ines Pagniez, Paul Torris, Catherine Lepicard, Cheng Li
Producer: Supinfocom
FRANCE, 7'15, 2012
As the world starts to turn orange under a weird carrot fog, it looks like the only way to save the planet might be with a special man-made rabbit. What could possibly go wrong?
Director: Alisi Telengut
Producer: Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, Concordia University
CANADA, 5'34, 2012
A film with a deeply fluid, textural and compellingly hand-made sense pouring out of every single frame.
  I Saw Mice Burying A Cat
Director: Dmitry Geller
Producer: Jilin Animation Institute
CHINA, 5'45, 2011
With the late-night ritualistic cavorting over, it’s time for the mice to do what has to be done – bury the big bad cat. But …
  Scrap Metal
Director: Anthony Straus
Producer: Sheridan College
CANADA, 3'32, 2011
Life can be unpredictable when you’re the littlest robot in the junkyard. But then again, the bigger they are the harder they fall.
  Buy Buy Baby
Director: Gervais Merryweather
Producer: National Film & Television School
UK, 4'35, 2012
An art deco extravaganza, perfectly pitched to make the point that life is all about Buy Baby, Buy!
  Blok / Flip Flat
Director: Paulina Ziolkowska
Producer: Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School
POLAND, 1'17, 2012
A moment in the life of a fairly typical apartment block, one layer at a time.
  Off The Track
Director: Rocio Alvarez
Producer: La Poudriere
FRANCE, 4'07, 2012
A driving lesson that quickly veers off in all sorts of unexpected directions – not helped by a confrontation with the dreaded Panda Driving School.
  Between 12:00
Director: Chien-Chieh Huang
Producer: Shih-Ling Wang, DMD Yuntech
TAIWAN, 5'25, 2012
On one clock in a forest of many, 12:00 looks set to be the magic hour as a trapped mechanical bird breaks free of more than just a set of hands.
Director: Anais Dauvergne
Producer: Ecole des Metiers du Cinema d’Animation
FRANCE, 5'39, 2012
A sufficiency of colourful elegance is the hallmark of this coterie of lovely creatures who seem caught in the mechanical passage of a moment in time.
  Why Can't You Just See Me?
Director: Eleni Tomadaki
Producer: Technological Educational Institute of Athens
GREECE, 2'42, 2012
Our first ever Greek student entry. A starkly haunting passage behind the eyes of somebody who is having problems being noticed.
Director: Soledad Aguila
Producer: Royal College of Art
UK, 3'53, 2012
A mysterious portrait of nature’s cycle of life traversing through beguiling, towering landscapes of wonder and emptiness.
  Like This
Director: David Martineau-Lachance
Producer: Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, Concordia University
CANADA, 3'35, 2012
In case anyone asks you what it’s like to be drunk, let your hair wave in the wind and say – “like this”.
Director: Eusong Lee
Producer: California Institute of the Arts
USA, 3'59, 2012
Will’s yo-yo seems to offer some hint as to how to interpret what he sees outside the building that he is not able to leave.
  Rocket / Rakete
Director: Sandra Bahr
Producer: Hochschule fur Film und Fernsehen “Konrad Wolf”
GERMANY, 2'23, 2012
In a world crammed with dangers and potential for random humiliations, a rocket seems the best vehicle out.
  Bet She'an
Directors: Julien Soler, David Calvet, Bastien Letoile, Gongjin Wang, Guillaume Raynaut, Jeremy Charbonel
Producer: Supinfocom
FRANCE, 8'10, 2012
A raven soars high above an ancient city, perhaps the only living thing that is truly free and not connected to rock and earth.
  Demon Kills
Director: Ying Ping Mak
Producer: Royal College Of Art
UK, 4'56, 2011
Trying to deal with hallucinations, a young boy decides that he’ll try to expose the demons that seem to surround him.
Director: Gemma Ursell
Producer: Newport Film School, University of Wales
UK, 1'37, 2012
A graceful, if erratic, waltz through a beautifully painted cast of characters with not a libretto to be heard.
Director: Marjorie Caup
Producer: La Poudriere
FRANCE, 3'58, 2012
Across the species there are leaders, there are followers, there are victims and there are a few lucky humans.
  The Jennings Account
Director: Sean Buckelew
Producer: California Institute of the Arts
USA, 1'15, 2012
The Jennings Account seems to draw from a surprisingly wide collection of sources and relies on badminton as a metaphor for bringing it all together.
Director: Shih-Chieh Hung
Producer: DMD Yuntech
TAIWAN, 7'15, 2012
It’s a jungle out there for a little bug-dude just trying to make his way through life.
  The Red Tide
Director: Jason Reicher
Producer: California Institute of the Arts
USA, 5'00, 2012
Who is the stranger in the trench coat and why does he want to kill Larry the fisherman?
  Le Corbeau Et Le Chien
Director: Beatriz Carvalho
Producer: Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, Concordia University
CANADA, 1'40, 2012
This idiot dog might think he can fly but he’s picked the wrong damn bird to show him a few tips.
  Oru Burus
Directors: Anton Brand, Guillaume Klein, Charlotte Quillet, Raphael Theolade
Producer: Supinfocom
FRANCE, 5'27, 2012
The evil child-King pits his powers and those of his floating kingdom against the mighty Sun God.
  The Last Gulp
Director: Georgiy Boguslavskiy
Producer: School Studio SHAR
RUSSIA, 14'39, 2011
An audaciously ambitious sand animation portraying aviation of yester-year and the unusual rescue of a pilot seemingly lost to the desert sands.

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