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Canada holds an iconic and unique position in the world of indie, auteur animation. Beyond her network of world-class schools and the iconic institution known as the National Film Board of Canada is a vast, diverse and outrageously gifted community of fiercely independent animators that stretches from one coast to the other and makes do with whatever resources they can muster. Combined, their output is staggering in scope and scale and these three programs have been put together to paint a picture of one of the biggest unconnected animating collectives there is – the modern Canadian indie animators. Toronto filmmaker Patrick Jenkins personifies the Canadian indie spirit in every way. He has generously helped curate these programs, will be hosting our filmmaking workshop and will add his Canadian flare to the screenings by introducing each of the programs.


> Canadian Indie Showcase #2: Tue 25 June, 8.15pm
> Canadian Indie Showcase #3: Sat 29 June, 8.00pm
> Animation 101: Meet the Filmmaker - Patrick Jenkins (Canada), Mon 24 June, 5.15pm
> Flip Book Workshop: run by Patrick Jenkins
> NFB (National Film Board of Canada) 3D Stereoscopic Collection, Sat 22 June, 5pm

Animated Self-Portraits
Madi Piller
CANADA, 8'40, 2012
The perfect kickstart to this program. An amazing animated ‘who’s who’ gallery of some of the most iconic independent Canadian animators, drawn by the animators themselves in their own individually unique styles.
Evan DeRushie
CANADA, 1'24, 2011
A beautifully abstracted study of human grace and choreographed form created for the Toronto Nuit Blanche festival in 2011.
The Right Place
Jamie Gallant
CANADA, 3'06, 2012
A pretty wild ride – in a yellow kind of way – after our man consumes what roughly looks to be his own weight in liquid.
Traces Of Joy
Jeff Tran, Louis Yeum
CANADA, 7'41, 2011
Tran puts the crystal clarity of 3D CG animation to the task of depicting the gritty and ambiguous reality confronting kids seeking life’s simplest joys on the wrong side of the social divide.
Noah Wohl, Nima Ehtemam
CANADA, 2'42, 2011
Latin for ‘dream’, Somnium reaches out to all people as a modern creation myth, drawing on influences as diverse as African tribal masks, ‘60s psychedelia and contemporary graphic design.
Chamber Music / Musique De Chambre
Eleonore Goldberg
CANADA, 4'13, 2010
In her densely and richly layered watercolour-on-glass technique, Goldberg’s film immerses our senses as we follow a couple who propel themselves through the visual and aural dimensions of a restrained tango.
Toro Bravo
Madi Piller
CANADA, 3'35, 2011
The best animated films exude a real, textured and complex sense of the artist’s hand in their making and Toro Bravo is a glorious masterclass example of this. Every frame is a work of art, every moment a captured split second of an imagined action that commands us to believe it is, or was, real.
Little Theatres - Homage To The Mineral Of Cabbage
Stephanie Dudley
CANADA, 4'47, 2010
A pathway to an intensely esoteric version of enlightenment using the humble cabbage as the hook on which to hang the leading proclamations and exultations.
It's The Good Life
Sharon Katz
CANADA, 4'27, 2013
We'll buy anything to feed our hunger for self-worth. And the world of retail that envelops us all is only too delighted to build on that craving.
Man And Raven
Olga Brio
CANADA, 5'40, 2011
A darkly atmospheric, stop-motion, fantasy tale about a lonely inventor and his only friend Raven. Striving to invent something that will change his life and bring him freedom, he must try to anticipate the consequences of his actions.
Spirit Of The Bluebird
Xstine Cook, Jesse Gouchey
CANADA, 5'45, 2011
When the killer of indigenous woman Gloria Black Plume-Bird was acquitted on a legal technicality, her friends responded by gathering at the place of her slaying and crafting this simple, affecting animated tribute and biography to her.
Diane Obomsawin
CANADA, 2'19, 2012
Obom to her friends and fans, Diane Obomsawin’s films and illustration work spans decades. Her work is free spirited, takes risks and doesn’t seem to mind not quite making sense sometimes. It pushes the synapses to come to their own conclusions.
The Empress
Lyle Pisio
CANADA, 8'25, 2009
A stop-motion film of outstanding intricacy and detail that follows the emotional shadow-boxing that goes on when two lonely strangers meet in a seedy bar.
Patrick Jenkins
CANADA, 8’41, 2008
A surrealist, film-noir, paint-on-glass epic following a detective’s strange encounters with mysterious phenomena from the ‘dark side’.

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