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Canada holds an iconic and unique position in the world of indie, auteur animation. Beyond her network of world-class schools and the iconic institution known as the National Film Board of Canada is a vast, diverse and outrageously gifted community of fiercely independent animators that stretches from one coast to the other and makes do with whatever resources they can muster. Combined, their output is staggering in scope and scale and these three programs have been put together to paint a picture of one of the biggest unconnected animating collectives there is – the modern Canadian indie animators. Toronto filmmaker Patrick Jenkins personifies the Canadian indie spirit in every way. He has generously helped curate these programs, will be hosting our filmmaking workshop and will add his Canadian flare to the screenings by introducing each of the programs.


> Canadian Indie Showcase #1: Mon 24 June, 8.15pm
> Canadian Indie Showcase #2: Sat 29 June, 8.00pm
> Animation 101: Meet the Filmmaker - Patrick Jenkins (Canada), Mon 24 June, 5.15pm
> Flip Book Workshop: run by Patrick Jenkins
> NFB (National Film Board of Canada) 3D Stereoscopic Collection, Sat 22 June, 5pm

C'est La Vie The Chris J. Melnychuk Story
QAS Collective
CANADA, 6'54, 2011
A colourfully poignant, often funny, collective QAS tribute to animator Chris J. Melnychuk, whose voice will not be silenced.
Business As Usual
Carol Beecher, Kevin D.A. Kurytnik
Canada, 4’00, 2010
An animated “calaveras literarias” (a kind of poem written for Mexico’s Day Of The Dead celebrations) taking a darkly comic look at life in the city, circa 2110.
Nice Jewish Boys
Janice Schulman
CANADA, 2’22, 2008
Ken, David, Richard, Sammy, Victor – all nice Jewish boys but, really, are they dateable?
Kim Anderson
CANADA, 3'18, 2012
A reminder that we live in a world that can be viewed a hundred different ways.
Leslie Bell
CANADA, 3’36, 2011
A graceful, fully abstract work summonsing introspective reflections on the secret life of liquids and the northern lights.
Alexandre Iliach
CANADA, 3’18, 2012
Agape: the Greek word for love, although Plato extended it to embrace a love of truth or humanity.
Craig Marshall
CANADA, 4’16, 2011
A crazed look at a fractured world as seen through the porthole of a really cracked and broken mind.
The Fox And Chickadee
Evan DeRushie
CANADA, 7’40, 2012
A fairly grown up sort of fairytale about a hungry fox and a wily little bird, who needs to get away.
Gains And Losses
Leslie Supnet
Canada, 3’25, 2011
We all make bad decisions some days. It’s hard to be rational when everything feels like fire.
The Equality Effect
Andrea Dorfman
CANADA, 2’42, 2010
A simple and compelling exposé on the dehumanising inequality that threatens the lives of women in many societies.
Gluttony (Family Visit)
Ann Marie Fleming
Canada, 2’17, 2011
Gluttony: the sin of excess. Witness a family visit where food fills all the unspoken holes.
Car Cemetery
DJ XLS, Francis Theberge, Daniel Faubert
Canada, 3’00, 2010
A sublimely raucous visual poem celebrating the golden age of the motor car, relayed from the vantage point of where many of them have wound up.
The Collagist
Amy Lockhart
Canada, 2’02, 2009
The ultimate eye-popping, mind-bending, interactive, multi-leveled, mixed-media, collage, animating masterclass.
The Foxhole Manifesto
Nick Fox-Gieg
Canada, 4’10, 2007
If there’s a God, the chances are that whatever kind of God He is, He’s a lot smarter than anybody who believes in Him.
Weenie Wagon Woe
Willy Ashworth
Canada, 3’36, 2010
A wild ride in a crazy car through the ultimate cartoon landscape.
Zap Girl Makes Toast
Chris J. Melnychuk
CANADA, 1’35, 2007
A plug, a toaster, some bare wires and some fingers – they don’t call her Zap Girl for nothing.
Steven Woloshen
Canada, 4’00, 2013
A journey spectacularly broken down to its most basic visual and aural elements by one of the modern masters of cameraless animation.
Patrick Jenkins
Canada, 9’00, 2012
When a young woman is kidnapped her sister embarks on a perilous journey to rescue her from an evil sorceress.

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