MIAF13Official catalogue (7.15mb)

...it's full of undeniable animation goodness!

This unique publication is absolutely chocoblock full of extended program notes (MIAF Director Malcolm Turner's special stream of consciousness contribution), Q&A's, articles, contact details for films in competition and a couple of extras... it's the perfect addition to your bookshelf, and perfect reading in between sessions. No other festival does a catalogue quite like us!

Available for a mere $10 (that's pocket change folks) - or if you buy a MIAF Maxi Pass or Festival Pass - you get one for free!


Check out copies from previous MIAFs right here... they're all in pdf format for easy download.



The printed program is your snapshot of the festival.

Here's the pocket guide, but we'll be putting up a pdf of film lists closer to the festival. Stay tuned!!

MIAF13 Pocket Guide (7.15mb)



This handy little booklet lists all the films program by program.

MIAF13 Program Guide (5.22mb)





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