'We May Meet, We May Not' | Skirmanta Jakaite | Lithuania

The backbone of the whole MIAF mission. Somehow we’ve emerged from under the pile of 2,350 entries with enough strength and wits intact to put together a series of programs that showcase the best 200 or so new films. Five ‘general’ International Competition Programs, our ever popular ‘Abstract Showcase’ and ‘Long Shorts’ programs, PLUS an entire competition program of new 3D stereoscopic shorts.


> International Program #2: Mon 24 June, 6.30pm (repeats Sat 29 June, 5.00pm)
> International Program #3: Wed 26 June, 6.30pm (repeats Sat 29 June, 6.30pm)
> International Program #4: Fri 28 June, 6.30pm (repeats Sun 30 June, 4.00pm)
> International Program #5: Sat 29 June, 6.00pm (repeats Sun 30 June, 5.30pm)
> International Program #6 – Abstract Showcase: Wed 26 June, 6.30pm
> International Program #7 – Long Shorts: Wed 26 June, 8.15pm
> International Program #8 – 3D Stereoscopic Shorts: Sat 22 June, 8.30pm

We May Meet, We May Not
Director: Skirmanta Jakaite
Producer: Ilja Bereznickas
LITHUANIA, 5'09, 2011
A perspective-bending trio meet in the woods and move forwards-backwards-sideways from there.
Not About Us
Director: Michael Frei
Producers: Michael Frei, Estonian Academy of Arts, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
A mysterious twin at arm’s reach, a reflection on the water, a shadow on the wall, an entrance to another dimension at your finger tip.
> www.michaelear.com
Director: Amir Admoni
Producer: Rogerio Nunes
BRAZIL, 6'13, 2012
A little guy with the roughest, rottenest deal of them all rolls out for another day on the road-stripe of life.
Bob: On Charity
Director: Darren Walsh
Producers: Dave Anderson, Russell McLean
UK, 1'35, 2012
A short, sharp, simple vignette from Bob, who shares his views on community service in a charity shop.
> www.12foot6.com

Silent-Mind / Silenziosa-Mente
Director/Producer: Alessia Travaglini
ITALY, 5'06, 2011
Beware the chuckling, sharp-dressed man – or is that a bunny? – reading Silenzio Sa Mente on a lonely park bench. Inevitably, it leads to being drawn into the sinister dark by the coat-creature with four arms.
> www.fondazionemilano.eu

Jacob's Lament
Director/Producer: Stijn Windig
HOLLAND, 2'50, 2012
A robo-rotary, flying-machine rhythm heralds the beginning of a hallucinatory journey that not everybody can share.
> www.stijnwindig.com
Director/Producer: Adnan Popovic
AUSTRIA, 4'15, 2011
The cloistered interior of a pure white room is the perfect space to unleash a sustained fiesta of stop-motion.
Director: Gudrun Krebitz
Producer: Verena Schilling
GERMANY, 9'00, 2012
Talk. I’m listening. Don’t lay down there, it’s dirty. Best case scenario – they’re going to think I’m a crazy person.
> www.hff-potsdam.de
Director: Hugo Bravo
Producers: Alexiz Laffaille, Pierre Razetto, Dimitri Comen-Tanumi
FRANCE, 2’10, 2012
A crazy-good stretching and rolling photo-montage essay from the very outer edge of what this technique can deliver.
> www.kawanimation.com
Director/Producer: Daniel Sousa
USA, 12'41, 2012
A hunter takes in a feral child he discovers in the woods and quickly realises that creating a new life for him will take more than clothes, kindness and a haircut.
> www.danielsousa.com
Light Water Glass
Director/Producer: Meghana Bisineer
UK, 4'18, 2011
In this film, animation is the gracefully evolving veil through which a simple, unchanging reality is viewed or masked depending on your perspective.
> www.megbisineer.com
The Triangle Affair / Kolmnurga-Afaar
Director: Andres Tenusaar
Producers: Andrus Raudsalu, Arvo Nuut
ESTONIA, 10'39, 2012
A crazy-wild ballet of the strangest creatures getting a bit of after-hours cleaning done, drawing lines in the sand and making a break for it on the high wire.
> www.nukufilm.ee
Director: Patrick Bouchard
Producer: Julie Roy
CANADA, 8'53, 2012
An extraordinary claymation masterpiece. A great beast pulls its heavy load: a greedy and angry nation of people that slaughters each other and saps its energy.
> www.nfb.ca

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