'Solipsist' | Andrew Huang | USA

The backbone of the whole MIAF mission. Somehow we’ve emerged from under the pile of 2,350 entries with enough strength and wits intact to put together a series of programs that showcase the best 200 or so new films. Five ‘general’ International Competition Programs, our ever popular ‘Abstract Showcase’ and ‘Long Shorts’ programs, PLUS an entire competition program of new 3D stereoscopic shorts.


> International Program #1: Sat 22 June, 7.00pm (repeats Sat 29 June, 3.30pm)
> International Program #3: Wed 26 June, 6.30pm (repeats Sat 29 June, 6.30pm)
> International Program #4: Fri 28 June, 6.30pm (repeats Sun 30 June, 4.00pm)
> International Program #5: Sat 29 June, 6.00pm (repeats Sun 30 June, 5.30pm)
> International Program #6 – Abstract Showcase: Wed 26 June, 6.30pm
> International Program #7 – Long Shorts: Wed 26 June, 8.15pm
> International Program #8 – 3D Stereoscopic Shorts: Sat 22 June, 8.30pm

Director: Andrew Huang
Producers: Moo Studios & Future You
USA, 10'10, 2012
A rupture of entanglements swarm and squirm into a herd of divine spectacle.
> www.autourdeminuit.com
Rotting Hill
Director: James Cunningham
Producers: James Cunningham, Oliver Hilbert, Leon Woud
NEW ZEALAND, 4'16, 2011
This is one way to deal with zombie action in the backyard.
> www.mediadesignschool.com
Dark Incal
Director/Producer: Pascal Blais
CANADA, 3’08, 2011
Masters of classic design, Pascal Blais bring to the screen a stunning, epically rich film based on a dramatic sci-fi graphic novel.
> www.pascalblais.com
Crazy For It
Director: Yutaro Kubo
Producer: Taku Furukawa
JAPAN, 3'37, 2012
A crazed blizzard of imagery supercharging a variety of moving bodies ahead of its crest.
> www.yutarokubo.com

7596 Frames
Director/Producer: Martin Georgiev
BULGARIA, 5'10, 2012
On the face of a planet far, far away from here, surface creatures fight for survival in the face of a high-speed aerial rock-storm that rages just above their heads.
> www.7596frames.com

The Hungry Boy
Directors/ Producers: Cem Kurtulus, Jake Nelson
USA, 4'59, 2011
A morphological masterclass-level exploration that traces one man’s entire life in a stream-of -consciousness flashback as he strives to find his next meal.
> www.ckurt.com
Director/Producer: Robert Loebel
GERMANY, 3'49, 2012
Wind can be a nutty friend, a challenging protector or a wily, invisible predator. But how is it generated?
> www.robertloebel.com
Director: Neely Goniodsky
Producer: Animation staff, Royal College of Art
UK, 3'51, 2012
Splash is the epitome of the simple, witty, illogical ingenuity of Goniodsky’s films.
> www.rca.ac.uk/animation
Widow Caillou
Director: Agnes Patron
Producer: École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs
FRANCE, 8'00, 2011
About as good as this style of animation gets! A film of astounding – and yet richly understated – atmospheric beauty.
> www.cargocollective.com/agnespatron
Director: Zbigniew Czapla
Producer: Tomasz Wolf
POLAND, 12'00, 2013
An exuberant feast for the eyes. Painted animation of a richness, complexity and rawness that saturates the viewer and draws them into its world.
> www.kff.com.pl
Why Elephants? / Zasto Slonovi?
Director: Marko Mestrovic
Producers: Vinko Bresan, Igor Grubic
CROATIA, 8'00, 2012
A ring-side seat on a truly weird world overseen by a couple of chest players who ponder the reason one of them can only draw elephants.
> www.zagrebfilm.hr
Director: Diane Obomsawin
Producer: Marc Bertrand
CANADA, 8'25, 2012
Kaspar is a young man who discovers life – and light – after spending his entire existence in a dark cave with a small wooden horse as his only company.
> www.nfb.ca




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