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The backbone of the whole MIAF mission. Somehow we’ve emerged from under the pile of 2,350 entries with enough strength and wits intact to put together a series of programs that showcase the best 200 or so new films. Five ‘general’ International Competition Programs, our ever popular ‘Abstract Showcase’ and ‘Long Shorts’ programs, PLUS an entire competition program of new 3D stereoscopic shorts.


> International Program #1: Sat 22 June, 7.00pm (repeats Sat 29 June, 3.30pm)
> International Program #2: Mon 24 June, 6.30pm (repeats Sat 29 June, 5.00pm)
> International Program #3: Wed 26 June, 6.30pm (repeats Sat 29 June, 6.30pm)
> International Program #4: Fri 28 June, 6.30pm (repeats Sun 30 June, 4.00pm)
> International Program #6 – Abstract Showcase: Wed 26 June, 6.30pm
> International Program #7 – Long Shorts: Wed 26 June, 8.15pm
> International Program #8 – 3D Stereoscopic Shorts: Sat 22 June, 8.30pm

Stewpot Rhapsodie
Directors: C. Cambon De Lavalette, S. Mercier, S. Mouton, M. Roussel
Producer: Gobelins L’ecole de L’image
FRANCE, 3'00, 2012
It’s just a pot to the left; and then a pan to the right. Raise your spoon in the air; make sure that lid is airtight.
> www.gobelins.fr
Rosy Cheek / Punaposki
Director: Heta Bilaletdin
Producer: Turku University of Applied Sciences
FINLAND, 3'54, 2011
A most unusual streetscape of duelling fox furs, rhythmic car horns, chewing gum and triplets in cocoons.
> www.taideakatemia.turkuamk.fi
Sister And Brother / Soeur Et Frere
Director: Marie Vieillevie
Producer: La Poudriere
FRANCE, 4'02, 2012
A carefree summer’s day at the beach takes an unexpected turn as a sister learns her brother’s secret.
> www.poudriere.eu
Fiery Red
Director: Simone Massi
Producer: Jole Film
ITALY, 10'51, 2011
A man and a dog, the fire and the snow. They pour forth onto the screen from the unblended imagination of one of MIAF’s favourite creators.
> www.simonemassi.it
Director: Collective Camera-Etc
Producer: Jean-Luc Slock
BELGIUM, 8'00, 2012
Based on a story spoken by Cecile Kasazi, an eight-year-old refugee patiently awaits news of whether this place will be a new home … or not.
> www.camera-etc.be
The Chase
Director: Philippe Gamer
Producer: Space Patrol
FRANCE, 4’44, 2012
Running from everybody, this girl-power posse carve up and then cave in the city as they blast through all the defences on their way to freedom.
> www.autourdeminuit.com
Director: Maryam Kashkoolinia
Producer: Honarhaye Tajassomi
IRAN, 7'00, 2012
We don’t show nearly enough Iranian animation. Here, sand animation is used to superb effect to depict that most elusive of filmmaking elements – light itself.
Marking The Distance
Directors: Mike Rauch, Tim Rauch
Producers: Lizzie Jacobs, Mike Rauch
USA, 2'54, 2012
The Story Corps project in New York animates a selection of interviews taped by people off the street who choose to record their own stories.
> www.storycorps.org/animation/
Director/Producer: Trevor Hardy
UK, 1'07, 2012
The word ‘lucky’ – like so many things in life – has multiple meanings depending just where you sit on the continuum.
> www.foolhardyfilms.com
Director: Martine Chartrand
Producers: Marcel Jean, Marc Bertrand
CANADA, 10'53, 2012
Painstakingly and fluidly painted frame by frame in oil on glass, this film recounts a friendship steeped in a love of jazz that leads to the creation of great music.
> www.nfb.ca
Here And The Great Elsewhere
Director: Michele Lemieux
Producer: Julie Roy
CANADA, 14'25, 2012
An inspired film created using a pin screen containing 240,000 pins all sculptured by the filmmaker to breathe life into an ethereal circular world of ever-morphing imagery.
> www.nfb.ca

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