'Oh Willy' | Emma De Swaef, Marc James Roels | Belgium

Our annual collection of films that have earned the extra screen time. More thinking time, more time to meet the characters, more time to feel the story.

The international programs are the backbone of the whole MIAF mission. Somehow we’ve emerged from under the pile of 2,350 entries with enough strength and wits intact to put together a series of programs that showcase the best 200 or so new films. Five ‘general’ International Competition Programs, our ever popular ‘Abstract Showcase’ and ‘Long Shorts’ programs, PLUS an entire competition program of new 3D stereoscopic shorts.


> International Program #1: Sat 22 June, 7.00pm (repeats Sat 29 June, 3.30pm)
> International Program #2: Mon 24 June, 6.30pm (repeats Sat 29 June, 5.00pm)
> International Program #3: Wed 26 June, 6.30pm (repeats Sat 29 June, 6.30pm)
> International Program #4: Fri 28 June, 6.30pm (repeats Sun 30 June, 4.00pm)
> International Program #5: Sat 29 June, 6.00pm (repeats Sun 30 June, 5.30pm)
> International Program #6 – Abstract Showcase: Wed 26 June, 6.30pm
> International Program #8 – 3D Stereoscopic Shorts: Sat 22 June, 8.30pm

Director: Hisko Hulsing
Producers: Arnoud Rijken, Michiel Snijders, Willem Thijssen, Hisko Hulsing
HOLLAND, 17'50, 2012
One of the most acclaimed, awarded and gripping films of the year. Stabbed in the street, a man uses his dying moments to summon up memories of a childhood best friend, who had drifted into the murky world of drugs and crime.
> www.illuster.nl
Director: Tomasz Popakul
Producer: Piotr Szczepanowicz
POLAND, 19'00, 2013
Fish Boy is a teenager facing the challenges of growing up. Half boy, half fish, his drama is set against the background of a seemingly idyllic fishing village, where his father wants to teach him how to become a fisherman. A near-perfect use of the powerfully creative possibilities of a black and white visual palette.
> www.nolabel.com.pl
Oh Willy…
Directors: Emma De Swaef, Marc James Roels
Producer: Ben Tesseur
BELGIUM, 16'35, 2012
One of the most awarded animated shorts of the year. A film of translucent poignancy that explores the small, mismatched circles of life and death.
> www.beastanimation.be
Edmond Was A Donkey
Director: Franck Dion
Producers: Franck Dion, Richard Van Den Boom, Julie Roy
CANADA, 15'05, 2012
Edmond, it would be fair to say, has a handful of problems, some of which begin being exorcised as he strives to bring out his inner donkey.
> www.nfb.ca
The Cold Heart / Das Kalte Herz
Director: Hannes Rall
Producers: Hannes Rall, Michael Meier
GERMANY, 29'00, 2012
With more than a nod towards German Expressionism, marshalling the colour design skills of Disney Studio legend Hans Bacher and drawing from his previous experience animating adaptations of classic literary works by Poe and Goethe, Hannes Rall delivers a stunning, visually commanding work based on the complex Wilhelm Hauff fairytale.
> www.hannesrall.com

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