'The Fairy-Tale Cookery Chronicle' | Kamil Jaworek | Poland

3D stereoscopic animation hasn’t always been put to the best uses or been entrusted to the right hands. But give it to artists who are less interested in exploiting a gimmick than pushing it to explore new territories and expressing extra dimensions of creativity (within a film of less than 15 minutes) and a whole new door opens up. This collection is a snapshot of what it is capable of when the only agenda is a purely creative one.


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The Fairy-Tale Cookery Chronicle
Director: Kamil Jaworek
Producer: The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School
POLAND, 5’50, 2012
A cautionary fairytale about the dangers facing big bad wolves who eat too many alcohol-bingeing, cigarette-smoking, junkfood-eating kids.
> www.filmschool.lodz.pl


Director: Krzysztof Szafraniec
Producer: The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School
POLAND, 7’50, 2012
A uniquely constructed world inspired by just a few of the estimated 40,000 artworks left behind by illiterate, primitivist painter Nikifor Krynicki.
> www.filmschool.lodz.pl
Rising Hope
Director: Milen Vitanov
Producers: Milen Vitanov, ZDF, HFF, Talking Animals Animation Studio
GERMANY, 10’00, 2012
The fastest racehorse in the world suddenly loses his mojo when his view of the world inverts.
> www.rising-hope.com
Transthreeded - A Transformers Spoof
Director: Andres Vidal
Producer: Avaray Works
SPAIN, 2'00, 2011
A hugely watchable earth invasion; the tiny, nimble response and the stereoscopic chaos that unfolds at hyper-speed.
> www.promofest.org/films/transthreeded
Mountain King
Director: Danila Kostil
Producer: Miklos Kazmer
HUNGARY, 3'45, 2012
An unruly, intensely packed landscape of shapes, hues and very colourful noise.
> http://umbrella .tv/
Director: Adriaan Lokman
Producers: Autour de Minuit, Valkproducties, Arcadi
HOLLAND, 12’00, 2011
An awe-inspiring piece of hyper-imagination. The ultimate abstract chase movie that drives the action into every corner and recess of the viewing space.
> www.autourdeminuit.com
> www.lokmanfilm.com
Directors: Thomas G. Murphy, Hilere
Producers: Brent Wilkey, Thomas G. Murphy
BELGIUM, 5'30, 2012
Down under the waves, there’s some comical life lessons being learned – all of them made much trickier for being in 3D.
> www.BrightFrog.com
Paths Of Hate
Director: Damian Nenow
Producer: Marcin Kobylecki
POLAND, 10'00, 2010
We’ve shown this in 2D and that was really something. But this has to be one of the best 3D stereoscopic films ever made that puts the audience right in the middle of a desperate, fight-to-the-death WWII aerial dogfight.
> www.platige.com

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