'SNAP' | Thomas G. Murphy, Hilere' | Belgium

This year we’ve gone all out and put together TWO programs for two different age groups. Too good! Enchanting, engaging and imaginative animation without a toy ad or product placement in sight. Animation the way it’s meant to be.

Plus, we have a very special third kids program - the amazing collection of Koji Yamamura’s Kids animation.


> Kids Program 7-10yrs: Sat 29 June, 12.30pm
> Koji Yamamura Kids Program: Sat 29 June, 2pm

Director: Kiana Naghshineh
Producer: Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg
GERMANY, 4'00, 2012
If you’re brave and really show them who’s the boss, your monsters can become a really great little orchestra.
> www.filmakademie.de/en/main-page/
Nic Nac
Director: Tyler Nicolson
Producer: Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, Concordia University
CANADA, 1'45, 2012
It’s amazing just how many crazy little shapes you can make out of one ball of red clay.
> www.cinema.concordia.ca
Directors: Thomas G. Murphy, Hilere
Producers: Brent Wilkey, Thomas G. Murphy
BELGIUM, 5'30, 2012
If you ever wanted to have the strongest tongue in the whole world, this film will show you how.
> www.BrightFrog.com
Ollie The Day Owl
Director: Janelle Santner
Producers: Janelle Santner, Karyn Rollins
USA, 2'39, 2011
Who ever heard of an owl who sleeps at night and stays up all day. Well … meet Ollie.
> www.scad.edu
Beethoven's Wig
Directors: Denny Silverthorne, Alex Hawley
Producers: Jonas Diamond, Jeremy Diamond
CANADA, 2'20, 2012
Beethoven’s wig is very big, it’s oh-so-big, it’s full of goo and hard to shampoo. It’s very big.
> www.smileyguy.com
Think Brilliance
Director/Producer: Diego Hernadez De La Rocha
CANADA, 1'00, 2011
A moment in the life of a light bulb that is trying so hard to be the best possible little light bulb it can be.
> www.DiegoDelaRocha.com
Coriandolo / Confetti
Directors: Cinzia Carpene, Claudia Lazzari, Gabriele Vasile, Giulia Donati, Matteo De Luca, Mauro Michele
Producer: Scuola Internazionale di Comics
ITALY, 3'50, 2011
A town full of happy blob-folk who turn up at the beach to welcome the biggest, happiest blob-man of them all.
> www.scuolacomics.it
The Delirious Tales: The Chicken, The Elephant And The Snake
Director: Fabrice Luang-Vija
Producers: Arnaud Demuynck, Sophie Fallot
FRANCE, 4'40, 2012
This little chicken sure knows how to handle her eggs. Even when she has to bounce on an elephant and chase a hungry snake.
> www.lesfilmsdunord.com
Yum Yum Yummy
Director: Gwendoline Gamboa
Producer: Ecole Nationale Superiure des Arts Visuels La Cambre
BELGIUM, 2'30, 2012
Yum Yum Yummy, there’s fun in my tummy … 100 different ways to play with your food.
> www.lacambre.be

My Little Chicken
Directors: Jeremy Diamond, Alex Hawley
Producers: Jonas Diamond, Denny Silverthorne
CANADA, 1'30, 2011
My Little Chicken is peck-peck-pecking. And whatever she’s peck-peck-pecking she’s wreck-wreck-wrecking.
> www.smileyguy.com

Director: Kyle Mowat
Producer: Sheridan College
CANADA, 1'45, 2012
A fascinating circus of millions of amazing little made-up, super-colourful creatures.
> www.sheridancollege.ca
Director/Producer: Venelin Veltchev
BULGARIA, 5'00, 2012
This hilarious little pig is having a really hard time trying to figure out who he is and how he can get along with the other animals.
> www.venelin-animation.com
The Monster
Director: Toby Dixon
Producer: Lynne Liu
UK, 3'29, 2012
Some monsters aren’t scary at all. Some monsters are just as scared as us and simply want to eat their porridge in peace and quiet.
> www.aub.ac.uk
How To Make Fun
CHINA, 2’32, 2012
Sometimes the simple ideas are the best and when that inspiration hits, the best tools are the ones you have on hand right then and there.
A Girl Named Elastika
Director/Producer: Guillaume Blanchet
CANADA, 3’30, 2012
You are not gonna believe your eyes!!! A whole, way-cool movie made out of nothing but pins and rubber bands.
> www.travellingdistribution.com
Prince Rat
Director: Albert Radl
Producers: Albert Radl, Marion Heissben, Johann Frank
GERMANY, 14'30, 2012
Our little hero is looking for a wife but needs to battle a dragon and fend off a handsome prince. Never easy for a little rat with not many weapons.
> www.albert-radl.de

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