'A La Francaise' | Julien Hazebroucq, Emmanuelle Leleu, Morrigane Boyer, Ren Hsien Hsu, William Lorton | France

This year we’ve gone all out and put together TWO programs for two different age groups. Too good! Enchanting, engaging and imaginative animation without a toy ad or product placement in sight. Animation the way it’s meant to be.

Plus, we have a very special third kids program - the amazing collection of Koji Yamamura’s Kids animation.


> Kids Program 3-6yrs: Sat 29 June, 11.00am
> Koji Yamamura Kids Program: Sat 29 June, 2pm

A La Francaise
Directors: Julien Hazebroucq, Emmanuelle Leleu, Morrigane Boyer, Ren Hsien Hsu, William Lorton
Producer: Supinfocom
FRANCE, 7'00, 2012
Imagine if chickens wore really fancy, old-fashioned clothes, lived in castles and played croquet.
> www.autourdeminuit.com
The Deep
Director: PES
Producer: Sarah Phelps and PES
USA, 1'40, 2011
Here’s a look at a strange underwater world you’ll have never seen before!
> www.EatPES.com
Big Mouth
Director: Andrea Dorfman
Producer: Annette Clarke
CANADA, 8'16, 2012
Sometimes it’s not OK to just say the first thing that pops into your mind. Sometimes it’s worth thinking about whether it will upset the person you’re talking to.
> www.nfb.ca
Julia And The Fright
Director: Anja Sidler
Producer: Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
SWITZERLAND, 4'00, 2011
It took a while but Julia eventually made friends with the big squishy monster that lived in the shadows. He just wanted a comfy seat on the couch like everybody else, that’s all.
> www.hslu.ch
The Box Game
Director: Becky Steele
Producer: The Art Institute of Portland
USA, 3'54, 2011
Big Sis is babysitting Kevin and figures out he’s charging his friends 25c to climb into a very, very special box.
> www.artinstitutes.edu
High Above The Sky
Directors: Shaun Clark, Kim Noce
Producer: Hannah Flint
UK, 3'00, 2012
The rocketship ride outside the supermarket is the bestest one there is. It goes way, way up and swoops way, way down.
> www.mewlab.com
The Fox And The Chickadee
Director/Producer: Evan DeRushie
CANADA, 7'45, 2012
A fairly grown up sort of fairytale about a hungry fox and a wily little bird who needs to get away.
> www.evanderushie.com
Shave It
Directors: Fernando Maldonado, Jorge Tereso
Producers: German Heller, Federico Heller, Jorge Tereso
ARGENTINA, 4'15, 2012
This hare-brained, funny, monkey superhero has figured out how to have the wildest time.
> www.marvinwayne.com
Director/Producer: Yuliya Boublikova
CANADA, 3'35, 2011
When her clockwork spaceship breaks down, the pilot needs to do a few repairs – with a little help from a handy clockwork bird and her teddy bear.
> www.yuliyaboublikova.com
Director/Producer: Robert Loebel
GERMANY, 3'49, 2012
If the wind is strong enough you can play table tennis by yourself, lose your hat, let your hair go wild or even fly on the end of a long string.
> www.robertloebel.com
The Fantastic Flying Books Of Mister Lawrence Lessmore
Directors: William Joyce, Brandon Oldenburg
Producers: Alissa M. Kantrow, Lampton Enochs, Trish Farnsworth-Smith
USA, 14'53, 2011
Pure magic. Books are full of wonderful stories, incredible characters and mysterious journeys. And when they can fly they’re even better.
> www.moonbotstudios.com

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