'The Old Crocodile' | Koji Yamamura | Australia

Koji Yamamura is a living treasure. His films redefine the term ‘enchanting’
and his technique and style define him as a true master animator.

His earlier career was marked by a body of stunning, utterly beguiling and ageless children’s animation. His latter work is aimed more at adults and has an uncanny ability to reach in and attach itself to the part of our imaginations we thought we had surrendered years ago. On top of that, he is also a teacher at the Tokyo University of the Arts which turns out one of the world’s finest graduation classes year after year.

Koji travels to MIAF to present these three separate facets of his animated work in three programs. As well as an opportunity to experience a stunning collection of exceptional animation, this is a chance for a comprehensive,
up close insight into one of the greatest animating imaginations working

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> RENDER Animation Conference: Koji Yamaura Day 1 Keynote Speaker

> Tokyo University of the Arts 2013 Graduate Highlights, presented by Koji Yamamura
> Koji Yamamura Kids Films Collection: Sat 29 June, 2.00pm

Mt Head
Koji Yamamura
JAPAN, 10’00, 2002
Perhaps his most revered film. A stingy man winds up with a cherry tree growing from his head. Accompanying Yamamura’s stunning design and animation is a masterful narration in classic Japanese singing verse by Takeharu Kunimoto, who also plays the traditional shamisen instrumental soundtrack.
Koji Yamamura
JAPAN, 2’20, 2003
Nine intriguing little vignettes that set out to trick the eye and play with the mind. This is a master animator having fun with his craft.
Koji Yamamura
JAPAN, 4’53, 2006
It’s probably never a good idea to sit on power lines but the view is really good and it’s one way to find your fig.
Anthology With Cranes
Koji Yamamura
JAPAN, 1’56, 2011
A wonderfully fluid, understated, ethereal animated study of cranes on the wing, based on the work of the seventeenth century artist Tawaraya Sotatsu.
The Old Crocodile
Koji Yamamura
JAPAN, 13’00, 2005
Cast out from his family, a crocodile, so old he was witness to the pyramids being built, meets and falls in love with an octopus who cannot count – a fatal flaw, it turns out, given the old crocodiles taste for her limbs.
Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor
Koji Yamamura
JAPAN, 21’00, 2007
A richly wicked, muscularly surrealist, pitch-perfect adaptation of a classic Franz Kafka tale about the twisted trail of events surrounding a hapless doctor’s attempts to treat an ill child one night.
A Child’s Metaphysics
Koji Yamamura
JAPAN, 5’00, 2007
An absolutely absorbing and enthralling compendium of funny little weird ideas of the kind that only the smartest and most imaginative kids could possibly cook up before impending adulthood conspires to rob them forever of the right to think these types of thoughts.
Muybridge’s Strings
Koji Yamamura
JAPAN, 12’40, 2011
Yamamura animates the story of one of the first, and most famous, pieces of animation ever created – Muybridge's horses. And in the process also creates a biography of the man himself and the very strange, convoluted life he led.




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