'A Child’s Metaphysics' | Koji Yamamura | Japan

Koji Yamamura is a living treasure. His films redefine the term ‘enchanting’ and his technique and style define him as a true master animator.

His earlier career was defined by a body of stunning, utterly beguiling and ageless children’s animation. His later work is aimed more at adults and has an uncanny ability to reach in and attach itself to the part of our imaginations we thought we had surrendered years ago. On top of that, he is also a teacher at the Tokyo University of the Arts which produces one of the finest graduation classes year after year.

Koji travels to MIAF to present these three separate facets of his animated work in three different programs. As well as stunning collections of the best animation, this is also a chance for a comprehensive, up-close insight into one of the greatest animating imaginations working today.

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> RENDER Animation Conference: Koji Yamaura Keynote Speaker
> Koji Yamamura Retrospective + Q&A: Sun 23 June, 7.00pm
> Tokyo University of the Arts 2013 Graduate Highlights, presented by Koji Yamamura

> Kids Program 3-6yrs: Sat 29 June, 11.00am
> Kids Program 7-10yrs: Sat 29 June, 12.30pm

The Elevator
Koji Yamamura
JAPAN, 11’23, 1991
There’s a whole different, and totally amazing, world waiting for the boy who rides the elevator way, waaaaay past the top floor.
Karo And Piyobupt: A House
Koji Yamamura
JAPAN, 4’25, 1991
Karo and Piyobupt build an awesome tree house. It has just about everything in it!
Kids Castle
Koji Yamamura
JAPAN, 5’00, 1995
Put a crown on your head and take a snail for a ride. That’s worth jumping up and down about.
Koji Yamamura
JAPAN, 2’20, 2003
Can up be down? Can big be small? Can a square go round? Yes, yes and yes – but only in this film.
Koji Yamamura
JAPAN, 4’53, 2006
It’s probably never a good idea to sit on power lines but the view is really good and it’s one way to find your fig.
Karo And Piyobupt: The Sandwiches
Koji Yamamura
JAPAN, 1’11, 1991
There just isn’t anything any better than a stack of sandwiches so high you can’t even reach the top of it.
Kipling Jr.
Koji Yamamura
JAPAN, 13’46, 1995
Nobody makes music quite like a band of little gypsy insects. They’re tiny but they’re really entertaining.
Small amount of Japanese dialogue
Karo And Piyobupt: Imagination
Koji Yamamura
JAPAN, 4’20, 1991
Imagination is great. Anything’s possible if you really use your imagination.
Your Choice
Koji Yamamura
JAPAN, 10’00, 1999
Made with a lot of help from some ‘junior directors’, this is a crazy little look at the choices we can make about umbrellas, food and even – ugh – dentists.
A Child’s Metaphysics
Koji Yamamura
JAPAN, 5’12, 2007
Everybody knows it – kids definitely have the bestest imaginations and the craziest, funniest and weirdest ideas. Heaps better than any adult can come up with. And here’s proof.

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