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Lithuania draws deeply from the same well that has sustained eastern European animation since the artform was invented. Infused with elements of dark fairytales; centuries of sculptural and visual arts practice; a certain need to ‘surrealise’ narratives for political purposes; and the full range of social and cultural influences, challenges and upheavals; the best Lithuanian animation can be challenging and compelling in equal measure as well as being able to offer a window into the history of the country for those with the right eyes. And it all started 100 years ago when one of the founding fathers of animation, Ladlislaw Starewich, started manipulating his little bugs, which enthralled audiences as much then as they do now.

The Insects’ Christmas
Ladislaw Starewich
LITHUANIA, 6’29, 1913
The film that started it all. An absolute classic from one of the true Godfathers of animation, who created many of the stop-motion rules and techniques still in use to this day.
Initiative / Iniciatyva
Antanas Janauskas
LITHUANIA, 4’06, 1970
Although not immediately obvious, this film was created as one artist’s restrained but condemnatory response to the events of the Prague Spring of 1968.
The Tree / Medis
Nijole Valadkeviciute
LITHUANIA, 5’08, 1983
A surrealist, cut-out, tour-de-force featuring a cast of fascinating prehistoric monsters rampaging across an ever changing landscape full of constantly erupting surprises.
The Secret Of A Cactus /
Kaktuso paslaptis

Valentas Aškinis
LITHUANIA, 5’30, 1988
A classic, Lithuanian fairytale interwoven with a number of paths that all lead to the prickly truth that – ultimately – love triumphs over anger.
Bogeyman / Baubas
Ilja Bereznickas
LITHUANIA, 10’04, 1987
Even a card-carrying bogeyman comes with his own treasure trove of tricks, illusions and conjurings. But they are only as powerful as you let them be and it’s possible to turn the most wily of bogeymen into your friend if you persevere.
Generosity / Dosnumas
Zenonas Šteinys
LITHUANIA, 10’05, 1988
Regarded as one of the finest Soviet films ever made and a quintessential visualisation of the existential phases that make up our lives.
The Chair / Kede
Antanas Janauskas
LITHUANIA, 1’00, 1995
A cuttingly simple treatise on the cold, relentlessness of bureaucracy. The man may change but the chair and the system lives on.
Metamorphoses / Metamorfozes
Jurate Leikaite
LITHUANIA, 6’16, 1996
A mad, mad discordant study of interpersonal relationships embedded within a cultural shift that insinuates the collapse of an old system in the midst of a new order taking its place.
Bridge / Tiltas
Ieva Miskinyte
LITHUANIA, 4’07, 2007
Remorselessly mining the rich vein of a Kafka story, this tumultuous collision of cut-outs, hand-drawn images and photos, sheets home an acerbic philosophical story of life’s continual challenges.
Ragana - A Witch's Magic /
Ragana - Raganos Burtai

Antanas Skucas
LITHUANIA, 1'00, 2008
A witch makes a special deal with the devil, knowing that it is forever.
Rabbit's Cabbage / Zuikio Kopustai
Vladislav Berezok
LITHUANIA, 5'35, 2011
A beautifully crafted childrens film based on a traditional Lithuanian fairytale about a rabbit who tries to get some cabbage seeds from heaven to plant in his garden.
The Button
Ieva Miskinyte
LITHUANIA, 5’47, 2012
A cryptic story about the vast metaphorical lost and found, people and buttons, and the invisible yarn that connects and binds them all.
Independence Day /
Nepriklausomybes diena

Urte Budinaite
LITHUANIA, 5’40, 2012
Making his unlikely escape and bid for freedom through the back of a radio, a man gains both more and less than he bargained for.
We May Meet, We May Not
Skirmanta Jakaite
LITHUANIA, 5’25, 2011
One of the most captivating and fascinating films we received this year. The strengths and the fragilities of the relationship that exists between parents and children are tested against the background of a foreboding forest that offers no obvious escape.
Guilt / Kalte
Reda (Bartkute) Tomingas
LITHUANIA, 5'22, 2013
A lonely fox isolates herself from the world to enjoy the pleasures of being tormented by guilt. But as the days go by, and as her world begins to crumble, she must choose between madness and reconciliation.

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