The third – and presumably final – installment in the mercurial ‘Christies’ animated features by the equally mercurial bad boy of British animation, Phil Mulloy. Raw, roughly hewn images knitted together with a unique system of narrative structuring, bashed into existence using the tools and resources of our age and plastered onto the big screen with the customary ‘take it or leave it’ Mulloy energy.

Mulloy’s latest animated short ‘The Banker’ will kick off this screening.



> RENDER Animation Conference
> FEATURE: 'Persistence of Vision', Kevin Schreck
> FEATURE: 'Abracadabra' in 3D, Alex Stitt (Fundraiser screening)
> FEATURE: 'Grendel Grendel Grendel', Alex Stitt (Fundraiser screening)

> Late Night Bizarre: Sat 29 June 9.15pm
> Animation Xcess: Sat 22 June 8.45pm





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