'Subconscious Password' | Chris Landreth | Canada

The National Film Board of Canada has one of the most sophisticated 3D stereoscopic labs in the world. The films that come out of this sublime creative engine-room showcase just what 3D stereoscopic animation is truly capable of. Curated by the NFB’s head of 3D Animation, Munro Ferguson, this program is a stunning collection of films unleashed from all the restraints that smother most 3D stereoscopic animation that’s floating around out there.

Featuring the Australian Premiere of Chris Landreth’s (received an Academy Award for his film 'Ryan') incredible new film ‘Subconscious Password’.


> 3D Stereoscopic Shorts (International Program #8)
> FEATURE: 'Abracadabra' in Abragoggle 3D!, Alex Stitt (Fundraiser screening)
> CG Symposium
> RENDER Animation Conference

  Moon Man
Paul Morstad
CANADA, 3’33, 2004
CANADA, 6’45
  Falling in Love Again
Munro Ferguson
CANADA, 2:’55, 2003
  The Wobble Incident
Claire Blanchet, Sam Vipond
CANADA, 4’08, 2009
  Tower Bawher
Theodore Ushev
CANADA, 3’46, 2006
  Drux Flux
Theodore Ushev
CANADA, 4’47, 2008
  Gloria Victoria
Theodore Ushev
CANADA, 6’56, 2012
  The Interview
Claire Blanchet
CANADA, 2’10, 2010
  Private Eyes
Nicola Lemay
CANADA, 14’22, 2011
  Hothouse 6 + Behind the Scenes
CANADA, 9’00
Philippe Baylaucq
CANADA, 15’35, 2011
And if it is available:
  The End of Pinky
Claire Blanchet
CANADA, 9’00, 2013
  Subconscious Password
Chris Landreth
CANADA, 2013




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