'Lux' | Juliette Oberndorfer | France

Four programs of ‘must-see’ films that missed the jury room consensus. Every bit as eclectic and diverse as the International Competition programs, this is an essential part of core MIAF programming. PLUS – the AUSTRALIAN
PANORAMA gives local animators one more chance to get their work up on the big screen where it belongs.


> Panorama #2: International, Tue 25 June 6.45pm
> Panorama #3: International, Wed 26 June 6.45pm
> Australian Panorama: Thu 27 June, 5.30pm

One Man
Graciliano Camargo
BRAZIL, 4'01, 2012
Even when the one man is this man there is only so much this one man can do.
The Curse Of The Last Child
Adam Sharp
UK, 7'46, 2012
A classic, epic and ancient tale of good vs evil, mysterious curses and a place that even good souls fear to tread.
Mother's Song
Linda McCarthy
UK, 4'20, 2012
Mother, did you kill your son? A ‘five banjo’ rated glance into a dysfunctional hillbilly lifestyle.
Bruno Bozzetto
ITALY, 6'00, 2011
A rapsodeus journey chasing a siren-like ball of light through the slings and arrows of outrageous history.
It's Raining
Anna Shepilova
RUSSIA, 9'15, 2012
The rain – when it comes – can arrive in many forms, especially if you find yourself situated in 1940’s Russia.
Juliette Oberndorfer
FRANCE, 5'07, 2012
In a forest of luscious colour, a strange and mysterious creature of the spectrum is on the hunt.
Eric Patrick
USA, 17'37, 2012
You won’t believe your eyes … or your ears! A gloriously unique, digital, montage-style film melds a series of everyday scenes with an ingeniously intricate amalgam of soundtracks from a plethora of classic movies from a bygone era.

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