Room 69 | Claude Barras | Switzerland

Four programs of ‘must-see’ films that missed the jury room consensus. Every bit as eclectic and diverse as the International Competition programs, this is an essential part of core MIAF programming. PLUS – the AUSTRALIAN
PANORAMA gives local animators one more chance to get their work up on the big screen where it belongs.


> Panorama #1: International, Mon 24 June 6.45pm
> Panorama #3: International, Wed 26 June 6.45pm
> Australian Panorama: Thu 27 June, 5.30pm

Animation Hotline
Dustin Grella
USA, 5'33, 2011
A textbook example of animation on the fly, done to order. People phone in the ideas and Dustin animates the best of ‘em.
Daisy Jacobs
UK, 2'10, 2012
I’m a bigot on a horse. We’re a democracy of course, but I’m its head. I’m the ‘me’ in meritocracy. In bed with vested interests, a finger in every pie. Nice guy.
Ars Moriendi
Milosz Marganski
POLAND, 7'18, 2012
Graves come in all shapes and sizes and they can hold a much wider range of things than a lot of people would first imagine.
Any Other Man / Outro Homem Qualquer
Luis Soares
PORTUGAL, 11'10, 2012
Even in a crowded city, simple distractions, everyday pleasures and Mother Nature are easy enough to find.
Two (Dois)
Clayton Junior
UK, 4'00, 2011
A deceptively simple tale rendered in a deceptively simple pink and yellow silhouette technique.
Radio Active
Iring Freytag
GERMANY, 4’12, 2012
Despite the radio reception being pretty sharp, not everything is looking that healthy under the surface in crab world.
Room 69
Claude Barras
SWITZERLAND, 3'26, 2012
There's a special room on the outskirts of town where ‘up’ is down and ‘down’ can be up, if you like that sort of thing.
Jeryoung Kim
SOUTH KOREA, 4’56, 2012
Creepy, weird, little girls and cute elephants make for strange playmates, even in a world that seems to unquestionably accept this odd duo.
The Solitary Pier
Jack Shih
TAIWAN, 13’50, 2012
An old fisherman lives alone on the ‘Solitary Pier’, so named by the villagers. But in fact, he is accompanied by a family of fish, birds, waves, turtles … and a dog.

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