Beerbug | Ander Mendia | SPAIN

Four programs of ‘must-see’ films that missed the jury room consensus. Every bit as eclectic and diverse as the International Competition programs, this is an essential part of core MIAF programming. PLUS – the AUSTRALIAN
PANORAMA gives local animators one more chance to get their work up on the big screen where it belongs.


> Panorama #1: International, Mon 24 June 6.45pm
> Panorama #2: International, Tue 25 June 6.45pm
> Australian Panorama: Thu 27 June, 5.30pm

12 Drawings A Day: An Animated Diary
Denis Chapon
DENMARK, 4'00, 2012
If you do 12 drawings a day for long enough you can wind up with a pretty good animated film.
When One Stops
Jenni Rahkonen
FINLAND, 6'15, 2012
Bodies are buried, the world turns. What made no sense on the first pass will not always be any clearer the next time it comes around.
James Cunningham
NEW ZEALAND, 5'32, 2012
In the happy-go-lucky robot workplace of the future, the biggest humiliation is to get the farewell card and be replaced by a … a … a … human!!
The Isle Of The Dead / La Isla De Los Muertos
Vuk Jevremovic
GERMANY, 5'00, 2013
A confronting, Kafkaesque insight into the horrors of soldiers executing soldiers on the orders of a State that suddenly becomes sickened by the unusual methods employed.
Olympic Vermin
Amael Isnard, Leo Bridle
UK, 1'47, 2012
A bunch of below-the-radar, unloved animals make their own crazed bid for a slice of Olympic glory.
Kerstin Unger, Jasper Diekamp
GERMANY, 9'48, 2012
Not that many films look like this these days. A sparsely, evocative embracing of the unravelling and the intertwining.
Ander Mendia
SPAIN, 7'58, 2012
Every beer-lover’s worst nightmare – a nimble, beer-stealing critter with the reflexes of a gamer and an unquenchable thirst.
A King Had A Horse
Ales Pachner
CZECH REPUBLIC, 15'40, 2011
The king had a horse whom he loved above all else. This nag meant everything to him, as we shall see. An incredible world of Byzantine detail and scale.




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