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The Panorama programs are four sessions of ‘must-see’ films that missed the jury room consensus. Every bit as eclectic and diverse as the International Competition and Australian Showcase programs, this is an essential part of core MIAF programming.

The Ausrtalian Panorama gives local animators one more chance to get their work up on the big screen where it belongs.


> Panorama #1: International, Mon 24 June 6.45pm
> Panorama #2: International, Tue 25 June 6.45pm
> Panorama #3: International, Wed 26 June 6.45pm

> Australian Showcase, Sat 29 Jun 4.00pm
> Best of the Next: Australian Student Showcase, Sun 23 Jun 3.30pm
> Animation 101s: Meet the Filmmakers
> FEATURE: 'Abracadabra' in 3D, Alex Stitt (Fundraiser screening)
> FEATURE: 'Grendel Grendel Grendel', Alex Stitt (Fundraiser screening)

> RENDER Animation Conference
> CG Symposium, presented in conjunction with Deakin University

> Opening Night Sneak Peek
> Music Video Program
> Installation Animation Program
> International Program #6: Abstract Showcase
> Late Night Bizarre
> Careers in Animation Forum, presented by Holmesglen

The Hunter
Marieka Walsh
AUSTRALIA, 7'05, 2012
A haunting sand animation capturing an epic journey undertaken by a hunter as he tries to conquer the icy wilderness in the hopes of finding a boy feared taken by wolves.
Getting Ahead
Norman Yeend
AUSTRALIA, 3'00, 2012
Heads come in many shapes, many forms and can be made out of almost anything, if the need arises.
Dukes Of Bröxstônia: Robo Barj
Suren Perera
AUSTRALIA, 3’30, 2013
When Barj cops multiple contusions they decide it’s time to rebuild him better than he was before.
Bad Guys
Andrew Onorato
AUSTRALIA, 7'30, 2012
A crazy, cliché-fiesta of mafioso mayhem, misbehaviour and ransom-raising.
Declan Byrne
AUSTRALIA, 6'30, 2012
Yellow or blue? It’s a war and only the painter with the bravest heart, the broadest brush and the best moves is going to get the job.
Susie Jones
AUSTRALIA, 2'50, 2013
Many hands make all kinds of things work. A delightful tale of a little man with leakage problems and a propensity for attracting telemarketers.
“I Wish That”
Jayden Dowler
AUSTRALIA, 4'17, 2012
An explosively punchy, colourful music video from that “rag-tag pack of unlicensed pyrotechnicians, unappreciated comedians and unknown celebrities” collectively known as Oh Yeah Wow!
Reds Under The Beds
Phil Henderson
AUSTRALIA, 2'50, 2012
A fiesta of crazy, cool, retro styling and a hilarious take on the notorious Petrov affair.
3 Little Tit Bits
Mark Sheard
AUSTRALIA, 0'50, 2013
This will be their last little, rude film for a while … so we are reliably informed.
Dr Mermaid And The Abovemarine
Jack McGrath, Mark Eliott
AUSTRALIA, 6'15, 2010
Glass animation! A brittle technique to say the least but one that lends itself perfectly to recreating the prism colours of the undersea world.
Michael Shiao Chen
AUSTRALIA, 3'00, 2012
On a desolate, rainy night, a fight to the death erupts from the midst of a bowl of noodles.
Whale Song
Nirali Somaia
Australia, 5'13, 2012
A film of subtle simplicities. Hunter and hunted discover what they have in common is more important than their original destinies.
The Maker
Christopher Kezelos
AUSTRALIA, 5'30, 2011
A strange creature races against time to make the most important and beautiful creation of his life.
Mechanical Creep
Darren Wallace
AUSTRALIA, 1'51, 2012

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