Kudan, Taku Kimura, Japan, 2008
'Kudan', Taku Kimura, Japan, 2008



For five nights, MIAF takes over ACMI’s ‘Studio 1’ space to run an on-going symposium.

The Symposium is the launch of what will become an annual event held during MIAF, developed to spotlight a specific aspect of animation.

This year, we'll be taking a look at Computer Generated (CG) animation from five different angles.

MIAF’s CG Symposium will bring together a roster of expert speakers, practitioners and leaders to share their knowledge and screen the works they think have made a difference.

Five sessions, five nights, each with a specialised introduction, a curated screening and a panel discussion/Q&A at the conclusion. Reviewing the history, discussing the present and imagining the future.




Martinus Klemet (Estonia), Indie Animator
Isobel Knowles (Australia), Artist / Animator
Terrence Masson (USA), Exec Professor of Creative industries at Northeastern University, Boston
Jeremy Parker (Australia), Program Director - AIM, RMIT University
Paul Hellard, Editor of CGSociety
Malcolm Turner, Director MIAF
Deakin University MotionLab, speaker tbc


Mon 24 June, 8pm: Machinima – Then And Now Studio 1
Machinima is as much a lifestyle as an artform - a subversive re-use of existing software or a way to turbo-charge the animating process. A review of some machinima classics sets the scene for a look at where machinima sits right now and what the future might hold. Presented by Jeremy Parker from RMIT University.

Tue 25 June, 8pm: SIGGRAPH Highlights Studio 1
Each year SIGGRAPH delivers an eye-popping snapshot of brand new CG animation, VFX and high concept music videos. This program is co-curated and introduced by our super knowledgeable special guest Terrence Masson, past SIGGRAPH CAF Chair and Executive Professor of Creative Industries at Northeastern University in Boston.
> http://www.aec.at/prix/en

Wed 26 June, 8pm: Prix Ars Electronica Highlights Studio 1
Conference, digital art showcase, electronic engineering extravaganza, animation festival. For 30 years, PAE has been Europe’s major showcase of creative digital culture. In addition to an introduction by MIAF Director Malcolm Turner and a screening of PAE award winning films, award winning artist/animator Isobel Knowles will talk about her experience of exhibiting at Prix Ars.
> http://www.aec.at/prix/en

Thu 27 June, 8.30pm: CG In Australia Cinema 1 (upstairs)
A panel lead by Deakin University MotionLab will offer an informed and thought provoking insight into the past, the present and the future of CG animating in Australia from a number of varied perspectives. The accompanying screening will show a few historical highlights as well as a window on some of our most promising up and coming talent. We are thrilled to confirm Paul Hellard, features writer and editor of CGSociety will participate on the panel.

Fri 28 June, 8pm: Stylised 3D Animation, An Exploration Studio 1
Some filmmakers are harnessing the power of CG animation to move further away from producing photo-realistic images. Estonian animator and 3D artist Martinus Klemet (who created MIAF’s artwork and trailer this year), will discuss these alternative universes and show some of the work that has inspired them in their individual journeys.
> Held in ACMI Studio 1




$65 Full / $55 Concession

The CG Symposium Pass entitles the holder to
FIVE (5) tickets to attend the CG Symposium only.

All five (5) sessions must be selected at time of purchase.
(Single sessions are priced at Full$15 / Conc$12)

This pass does not entitle the holder to attend any
other sessions/events during the 2013 festival or
Render: Animation Conference.



$160 Full / $140 Concession

The MIAF MAXI Pass entitles the pass holder to attend Symposium sessions.
A great way to see the whole festival AND the Symposium!!





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