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Legendary Japanese animator Koji Yamamura (MIAF13 SPECIAL GUEST) will introduce this collection which looks exclusively at 2013 graduate works from the course he has so dramatically re-energised at the Tokyo University of the Arts. Under his direction, the course has become a creative powerhouse of the Japanese animation scene and the world is beginning to sit up and take notice.

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> RENDER Animation Conference: Koji Yamaura Keynote Speaker
> Koji Yamamura Retrospective + Q&A: Sun 23 June, 7.00pm
> Koji Yamamura Kids Films Collection: Sat 29 June, 2.00pm

  I'm Nothing
Ayaho Kawakami
JAPAN, 4'07, 2013
Sometimes the simplest lines are all the information we need to interpret the skies above us and the world around us.
  Self Image
Takashi Shibuya
JAPAN, 2'39, 2013
The image we have of ourselves and the image others have of us are malleable, stretchy and dangerously flexible.
  Cubic Centimeter
Tsumugi Harunari
JAPAN, 2'49, 2013
The detail is in the small bubbles, the big picture sits just on – or just over – the horizon.
Saki Nakano
JAPAN, 2'52, 2013
From one single cel comes an idea and, from there on in, a rich forest of imagination blooms and rises.
  A Piece Of Green
Kaori Iwase
JAPAN, 5'38, 2013
Every space has its colour, every colour has its purpose, every purpose has its destination, every destination is its own space.
Ryosuke Oshiro
JAPAN, 5'09, 2013
Draw the city, build the city, watch the city grow and stand in the middle as it tears itself apart.
Yutaro Kubo
JAPAN, 5'01, 2013
The simple act of walking proves to be the perfect intro to an astonishing world of ingenious, contorting uber-realities.
Kazuhiko Okushita
JAPAN, 3'55, 2013
Follow the line. It shapes your entire day, shows you a path and defines everything you see. One single line. Amazing.
  It's Time For Supper
Saki Muramoto
JAPAN, 8'28, 2013
Leapfrog is all very fine but it’s no form of transport when it’s time to try and make your way around the big city.
  2:00 p.m. In A Garden
Yumi Kawai
JAPAN, 7'23, 2013
Even in a world of subtle greys, gardens are places of wonder and inspiration.
  The Blooms
Ayasa Kugenuma
JAPAN, 4'54, 2013
A richly coloured, horticultural emporium of all-sizes, an operatic break-out, a techno-hued extravaganza.
  Drops Of Life
Yuka Imabayashi
JAPAN, 6'06, 2013
A fluid journey through the indistinct canals of life all overseen by a benevolent, sleepy sun god.
  Maze King
Hakhyun Kim
JAPAN, 6'57, 2013
Beware the evil juggling clown. His wisdom may be no guide to navigating the bizarre universe he gate-keeps.




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