Studio 1

Animation 103: Dirk de Bruyn (Aus)  15+
For 40 years de Bruyn has been making, showing and teaching experimental film and animation all over the world. Using his latest film ‘The Death Of Place’ as his canvas, de Bruyn will demonstrate his hands-on direct-to-film technique and discuss his passion for abstract animating.

'Through You': Lucuette Braune 6.45pm
BLEND SYMPOSIUM #3: Blend Films  15+
presented in association with DEAKIN UNIVERSITY
A diverse collection of seven films that have tackled the BLEND challenge in very different ways. The films in this program will be introduced in detail by a member of the Deakin University teaching staff. Deakin animation student Abdullah Kokce (Turkey/Australia) will also present a sample of his astonishingly effecting work which integrates altered war zone news footage and re-animated human characters – and talk about his approach to creating ‘blended’ films.
See the film line-up here.
'My Nmae Is Leila': Olanrewaju Oluwafemi

Panorama #3: International  15+
Four programs of ‘must-see’ films that perhaps arrived too late for competition selection, or maybe they had the jury battling it out on the floor(!). Every bit as eclectic and diverse as the International Competition programs, this is an essential part of core MIAF programming. PLUS – the AUSTRALIAN PANORAMA gives local animators one more chance to get their work up on the big screen where it belongs.

Cinema 1
'Zooz': Pablo Delfini, Luis Guillermo Gonzalez 6.15pm
South American Showcase #3: Indie Showcase  18+
Bold, exuberant and energy to spare are some of the characteristics that make up the DNA of much South American animation. From the essences of lost cultures and the barely exorcised ghosts to retro flavoured ‘homages’, these three distinctly curated programs will deliver a rich brew of the best new works and main trends evident in the indie animation scene from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela and Bolivia...

The nations of South America harbour a passionate army of resourceful, motivated and prolific indie animators who clamour to have their voices heard and their films seen. They have much to say and they have an extraordinary palette of creative energies from which to draw. This program showcases a few who of those who are making the loudest noises.

'Lowdi': CRCR 8.00pm
3 Days In Paris - New #1
3 Days, 30 Metro tickets, 24 studios, a LOTTA coffee, a pile of films = FOUR big programs (including the Sacrebleu Showcase). Festival Director Malcolm Turner, armed only with a tourist map and a fistful of metro tickets, hit the streets in a mad dash to visit as many Parisian production and distribution studios as possible in just 3 days.

PARIS NEW 1 & NEW 2 explores the best recent releases these studios generously shared with us, in a shout-it-out-loud statement on Paris’ claim to be the animating capital of the world!



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