In 2014, the MIAF Symposium theme is 'Blend'.

'Blend' is a detailed, multi-faceted series of presentations focusing on the myriad ways in which technologies incorporate real people into the animated action. Featuring special international and local guests, support screenings and engaging insights delivered by people working at the leading edge of this very special realm of the animated landscape.


Nadia Micault


> Monday 23 June, 6.45pm
In Defence Of Rotoscoping
In ‘SONATA’, French animator Nadia Micault has created a vivid, elegant and evocative piece of moving image artwork that blends what were originally live action dancers into an ethereal, purely animated environment using the rotoscope technique. Australian animation legend, Dennis Tupicoff has also employed rotoscoping with powerful results and reactions. Here, Dennis will take Nadia through her experiences with rotoscoping and what unique properties it brings to her films.

> Tuesday 24 June, 6.45pm
Two Films, Two Visions

Two filmmakers working in very different styles but bringing a documentary eye to their projects, will outline how they tackled integrating real people into richly imaginative animated dioramas. Jilli Rose has recently completed ‘STICKY’ which explores a unique element of the insect world and Miriam Harris (NZ) used an unusual photo montage approach in her film ‘WARSAW, JANUARY 2011’ to record a version of her travels in Europe researching her book on historical Czech animation.

> Wednesday 25 June, 6.45pm
A diverse collection of seven films that have tackled the BLEND challenge in very different ways. Deakin animation student Abdullah Kokce (Turkey/Australia) will also present a sample of his astonishingly effecting work which integrates altered war zone news footage and re-animated human characters – and talk about his approach to creating ‘blended’ films.
See the film line-up here.

> Friday 27 June, 6.45pm
3D Stereoscopic Animation
In the animation universe, Munro Ferguson has a dream job! He runs ‘StereoLab’, the 3D stereoscopic studio at the renowned National Film Board of Canada in Montreal. This is a place where real magic is created. StereoLab is one of the few places in the world applying leading edge technology and best-practice technicians to purely creative, non-commercial animated short films. In this very special guest presentation, Ferguson will take us through StereoLab, his views on the possibilities that 3D stereoscopic filmmaking offers and the technical challenges that abound there.

Full $16 / Conc $12.50 per session.




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