That light at the end of the tunnel is well and truly bolted to the front of the MIAF 2014 train which has left the station and is rumbling down the tracks - due to arrive whistles blowing and fully loaded at ACMI on 19 June. It still has a few loads to pick up but here’s an advance guide on what we know it’s carrying our way...

Programs are subject to change (stuff unfortunately happens, but we're feeling pretty confident!)

> RENDER Animation Conference Flyer
> MIAF Pocket Guide
> MIAF Pass Booking Form & Schedule

The only way to get a gig like MIAF up to speed is to give you a cracking selection of highlights from right across the festival program, served up with some insider insights and a glass of bubbles. We’ll take some of the hottest films from competition, mix them with some gems from the specially curated programs and round out the whole shebang with a couple of surprises that won’t be screening in any other part of the festival. This is the essential MIAF show bag to whet your appetite for the days ahead. The Gala Screening has become a festival fave, so yes folks, numbers are strictly limited. Book early to avoid heartbreak!

> Thu 19 June, 7.00pm


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The RENDER Animation Conference is a unique opportunity to experience a diverse range of detailed presentations offered by an impressive roster of international and Australian animation experts. Keynote presentations include a panel (lead by Adam Elliot) on what it takes to plan, fund, create and distribute an independent animation feature film and another by Singapore based German filmmaker Hannes Rall on the challenges and rewards of integrating Western and Asian animation aesthetics. Other presentations will look at simulation animation, breaking into the world of TV animation production and a detailed review of the life and influences of the great Norman McLaren who was born 100 years ago. RENDER offers the chance for emerging and established animation artists, students and professionals alike to come together for professional development, networking and to share their passion for animation with a group of like-minded souls.

RENDER will also include a range of screenings that relate directly to some of the topics presented during the day sessions, or are purely included as an added bonus!

> Fri 20 June + Sat 21 June, 10.00am-5.00pm

Jilli Rose: 'Sticky'

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Presented in association with Deakin University.

The MIAF Symposium returns, and we are excited to announce Deakin University will be continuing as a key sponsor. In 2014, the Symposium focuses on the myriad ways in which a variety of technologies incorporate real people into the animated action. Guest presenters include: French animator Nadia Micault (her film “SONATA” is the official MIAF Opening Film) in discussion with our very own Dennis Tupicoff
. Jilli Rose (Aus) and Miriam Harris (NZ) work in very different styles but bring a documentary eye to their projects. Munro Ferguson who, as head of the National Film Board of Canada’s ‘StereoLab’ will discuss how human actors are blended into 3D Stereoscopic animation. Wednesday's session will also introduce a diverse screening of seven films that have tackled the BLEND challenge in very varying ways.

> 'In Defence Of Rotoscoping' with Nadia Micault (France) & Dennis Tupicoff (Aus):
Mon 23 June, 6.45pm

> 'Two Films, Two Visions' with Jilli Rose (Aus) & Miriam Harris (NZ)
: Tue 24 June, 6.45pm

> 'BLEND Films' with Abdullah Kokce (Turkey/Aus) & Deakin University:
Wed 25 June, 6.45pm

> '3D Stereoscopic Animation' with Munro Ferguson (Canada):
Fri 27 June, 6.45pm

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As always, MIAF 14 will screen the very best new animated short films from all over the world. We received approximately 2,900 entries, and from that rich bounty, we've crafted TEN programs ( including Later Night Bizarre, Late Night Macabre and a special screening for the BLEND Symposium) of the ones that shine the brightest. MIAF’s international competition sessions are the backbone of the festival and screen almost daily throughout the festival, providing a comprehensive overview of the international indie animation scene. International Programs 1-5 will screen twice during MIAF.

International Program #1 includes MIAF’s official opening film ‘SONATA’ by French animator, Nadia Micault, which is a captivating integration of several different digital animating technologies, showcasing what an artist can achieve playing in this realm (She will also present in the BLEND Symposium). Check out her trailer – http://vimeo.com/67946598

> International Program #1: Sat 21 June, 8.00pm / Sat 28 June, 1.00pm
> International Program #2: Mon 23 June, 6.15pm / Sat 28 June, 3.00pm
> International Program #3: Tue 24 June, 6.15pm / Sat 28 June, 8.15pm
> International Program #4: Fri 27 June, 6.15pm / Sun 29 June, 4.00pm
> International Program #5: Sat 28 June, 4.45pm / Sun 29 June, 5.45pm
> International Program #6: Sat 28 June, 6.00pm
> International Program #7 - Abstract Showcase: Thu 26 June, 8.30pm
> Late Night Bizarre: Sat 21 June, 9.30pm
> Late Night Macabre: Sat 28 June, 9.30pm
> BLEND Symposium screening: Wed 25 June, 6.45pm

Mel Roach: 'Rocket Dog'

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As always, MIAF comes through with the most comprehensive look at the current Australian animation landscape with three big screening programs – the Australian Showcase, the Australian Panorama and the Australian Student Showcase. PLUS a whole lot of talks throughout RENDER and MIAF. All together it’s the most comprehensive look at a year of animatin’ in this wide, brown/green land by our sensational local talent.

The Showcase includes a brand new music video by last year’s Best Australian Film winners, the unstoppable Oh Yeah Wow. We will also screen the completed “The Gallant Captain” from The Lampshade Collective (makers of the world conquering ‘Nullabor’) who presented the film in development at MIAF13. The screening will open with an introduction to many of the filmmakers with a film in the program.

> Australian Showcase: Sat 21 June, 6.00pm
> Best of the Next #4 - Australian: Sun 22 June, 5.30pm
> Panorama #4 - Australian:Thu 26, 5.30pm

Florence Miailhe: 'Au Premier Dimanche d'Aout'

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3 Days, 30 Metro tickets, 24 studios, a LOTTA coffee, a pile of films = FOUR big programs! Festival Director, Malcolm Turner, armed only with a tourist map and a fistful of metro tickets hit the streets in a mad dash to visit as many Parisian production and distribution studios as possible in just 3 days. He stumbled back in to the office with a notebook full of interviews and a veritable Santa sack of fantastic films, straight from the hands of those who made them.

Paris - NEW
Two programs showcasing the very best recently released animated films these studios generously shared with us and together – they are a shout-it-out-loud statement on Paris’ claim to be the animating capital of the world.

> 3 Days In Paris - NEW #1: Wed 25 June, 8.00pm
> 3 Days In Paris - NEW #2: Sat 28 June, 4.00pm

This program digs a little deeper into the mystery and reveals a diverse line-up of films that, each in their own way, either established or put the producing studio on the animation map. Essentially, this is Paris’ Greatest Animation Hits.

> 3 Days In Paris - HISTORICAL: Sun 29 June, 2.45pm

Mara Cerri, Magda Guidi: 'Via Curiel 8'

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Founded by Ron Dyens in 1999, this Paris production and distribution studio has produced more than 40 films with nearly 1000 screenings at festivals worldwide. Their roster of animators have produced some of the most beautiful, compelling and sought after animated shorts created in recent times. This program gathers highlights (some on 35mm film prints) from this quiet powerhouse of European animation, and gently but persuasively showcases the extraordinary potential of animation when entrusted to some of the most gifted artists working in the field today.

> Sacrebleu Showcase + “3 Days In Paris” Launch: Sun 22 June, 7.30pm

Chris Sullivan: 'Consuming Spirits'

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Chris Sullivan is one of the rawest and most authentic voices in animation. He is a filmmaker that has devoted a lot of energy to interrogating his various obsessions and using the medium of animation to give them a profound and complex voice. He is a master of a variety of hand-made animation techniques and seamlessly switches between them as he follows his own sense of dark humour down the various underlit pathways that it drags him into. His films can be shocking and hilarious in equal measure and say MUCH about the conflicted humanity that inhabits most of us. There is just nobody else making films like this – they are soft acid, bitter sugar and bright colours in the shade. Sullivan will present TWO programs of his best work...

The Chris Sullivan Shorts Collection
The breadth and depth – the pure deliciously spicy malevolency – of Chris Sullivan’s various targets pour forth in a kind of lumpy fluidity in his short films (including a 10 minute sneak peak of the feature he is currently working on, scheduled for release in 2015).

> Sat 28 June, 7.45pm

'Consuming Spirits' (Feature Film)
' Consuming Spirits' ropes, breaks and saddles-up a collection of quietly disturbed - but utterly human – souls for a long trail ride through an emotional landscape riven with spectacularly dystopian intrigues exploring the breadth of enigmas that exist within every person. Based around the travails, triumphs, secrets, often unhinged imaginings and hopeless solutions of three principle characters who inhabit (and who are probably inhabited by) a small, blue-collar American town of the type that the world has quietly, ashamedly turned its face from, “Consuming Spirits” twists a winding path through a complex exploration of how people work out how to survive with and without the help of the world they have chosen not to leave.

> Sun 29 June, 5.00pm

He'll also be presenting at the RENDER Animation Conference: "How To Make, Fund & Distribute A True Indie Feature" Sat 21 June, with Elliot Cowan (USA/AUS) & Adam Elliot (AUS).

Elliot Cowan: 'The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead & Roundhead (FEATURE)

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Originally from Melbourne, Elliot Cowan has been living in New York animating for a range of USA cable networks and distributors, including Nick Toons and Cartoon Network. One of his most successful personal projects has been a series of hilarious shorts featuring his hapless duo of anti-heroes Boxhead ane Roundhead. Recently, Cowan decided to star these two lovable little seekers in their own animated feature. The duo never have good days, but they never give up searching for their own uniquely imagined solutions and small truths that make life worth persevering with. For his feature, Cowan has held onto the simple, graphic design of his two leads, but has rolled out a much more lush and intriguing range of backgrounds and environments. The writing is snappy, the voiceover work is pitch perfect and the look of the entire piece is graphically clever. This isn't a slick CG blockbuster. It instead musters the creative resources on hand to embody what an animated feature is supposed to be like.


Cowan will introduce this screening and also appears as a panelist in the RENDER Keynote Presentation on Indie features on Saturday 21 June.

> Fri 20 June, 6.00pm

Simon Wilches: 'Stoplight' / 'Semaforo', Columbia

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Bold, exuberant and energy to spare are some of the characteristics that make up the DNA of much South American animation. From the essences of lost cultures and the barely exorcised ghosts to retro flavoured ‘homages’, these three distinctly curated programs will deliver a rich brew of the best new works and main trends evident in the indie animation scene from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela and Bolivia...

South American #1: Style Guide
The films in this program are visually confident, raucous and robust, with plenty of noise and a ton of flair. A love of quirky, retro flavoured ‘homages’ to classic US animation is a sub-genre that pops up surprisingly often, and like everywhere, the tentacles of gaming and CG blockbuster animation inform plenty of young South American indie animators.

> Mon 23 June, 8.00pm

South American #2: Stories, Myths And Music
The South American animating community often hone a very visceral edge to their storytelling craft. The essences of lost cultures, the barely exorcised ghosts of more recent political horrors and part documentary investigations of the unique elements of the South American natural environment - are among the more unique elements South American animators bring to the table.

> Tue 24 June, 8.00pm

South American #3: Indie Showcase
The nations of South America harbour a passionate army of resourceful, motivated and prolific indie animators who clamour to have their voices heard and their films seen. They have much to say and they have an extraordinary palette of creative energies from which to draw. This program showcases a few who of those who are making the loudest noises.

> Wed 25 June, 6.15pm

Carol Beecher, Kevin D.A. Kurytnik:  Mr Reaper's Really Bad Morning

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Based in Calgary, the Quickdraw Animation Society (QAS) stands as one of the most valuable organisations in the indie Canadian animation community. Since 1984 this artist-run film co-op has proved to be a valuable hitching post for a supremely talented, fiercely independent and often courageously experimental posse of animators. As the result of a forensic search of their vast archive, we have brought together two special tribute programs of some of the best films to come from within the QAS stable. Fun, anarchic films happily rub shoulders with sublime abstract works. Hand-drawn cartoons share space with cameraless films. This is what grassroots, auteur animation is all about.

> Quickdraw Animation Society - Impact: Fri 27 June, 8.00pm
> Quickdraw Animation Society 30th Anniversary Retrospective: Sat 28 June, 6.30pm

> Workshop: Story Orgy – Kevin D.A. Kurytnik (Canada): Fri 27 June, 9.30am-4.00pm (15+)

Damaris Baker: 'Entropy Or The Arrow Of Time'

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Norman McLaren has done more than any other person to shape, define and extend the boundaries of creative animation. Born in Scotland 1914, McLaren was the multi-discipline genius who established the animation department at the National Film Board of Canada, arguably the single most important institution of its kind in the world. The NFB has since attracted and empowered multiple generations of outstanding animators and producers. McLaren’s unquenchable thirst for developing new techniques, saw him create an esteemed body of personal work that continues to inspire filmmakers across the globe. This program acknowledges McLaren’s legacy by bringing together a collection of films by animators who have been clearly influenced by this true master of innovation.

> Fri 20 June, 8.00pm

Bianca Ruhland: 'Page 22', Deakin University

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Presented in association with Studio Moshi

A ‘festival-within-a-festival’ showcasing the best films of the emerging generation of animators. Drawn from the 900+ entries received from almost 100 of the world’s best schools in almost 30 countries. And including one program devoted entirely to the best Australian graduate films.

> BOTN #1 - International: Sun 22 June, 2.30pm
> BOTN #2- International: Sun 22 June, 3.30pm
> BOTN #3 - International: Sun 22 June, 4.30pm
> BOTN #4 - Australian: Sun 22 June, 4.30pm

Ana Nedeljkovic, Nikola Majdak Jr:  'Rabbitland '

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Pulled fresh, moist and screaming from Animation Land’s groin-electrique comes the crazed cavalcade of instant anti-classics that make up this year’s Late Night Bizarre. Sure, this intro makes no sense but it doesn’t matter coz you know what we mean and we know what you want.

> Sat 21 June, 9.30pm

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If ever there was evidence that animation is a lot more than cute kids stories, this fearsome collection of the best truly haunted animated visions is most definitely it. MIAF received almost 2,900 entries this year and a good number of them were screams from the other side, the result of the filmmaker turning the dial to ‘macabre’ and unleashing the powerfully imaginative toolkit that animation offers to explore an almost unimaginable, undefinable series of pathways. Aficionados of the bizarre will revel in this collection.

> Sat 28 June, 9.30pm

'Jazz Bound', Lauren West

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A wonderfully diverse collection of new films not featuring in competition (perhaps the films arrived too late for competition selection, perhaps they simply did not garner the jury room consensus) but that are just too good to not to be screened. Every bit as eclectic and diverse as the International Competition programs, the Panoramas are an essential part of core MIAF programming.

Panorama #3: International proves the whole world is awash with prodigiously talented filmmakers working in some of the more unusual points of the animation compass - a fabulous opportunity to check out films from places like Cuba, Moldova, Serbia, Cyprus, Ethiopia, Georgia, Thailand, Malaysia. Nigeria, Belarus.

And of course, the Australian Panorama focus entirely on our local talent - expect every technique from machinima to hand drawn, every genre from surreal ‘animals-gone-bad’ to pure documentary!

> Panorama #1 - International: Mon 23 June, 8.30pm
> Panorama #2 - International: Tue 24 June, 8.30pm
> Panorama #3 - International: Wed 25 June, 8.30pm
> Panorama #4 - Australian: Tue 24 June, 5.30pm

The Lampshade Collective: 'The Gallant Captain'

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A program of the most kid friendly gems that turned up in the 2000+ entries that filled our mailbox all year. Charming little examples of uncommercialised animated wonder using the magic powers of animation for GOOD. There’ll be talking animals, seriously fun adventures and tales that spark all those little imaginations. Adults are allowed in if they have permission from their kids.

> Sat 28 June, 11.00am

Daniel Sierra: 'Oscillate', USA

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Music videos are a uniquely powerful combination of alpha-talents and this program brings together the best intertwinings of great music and great animation from around the world

There is more than one way to show an animated film. Some shine brightest when the audience can stand back, choose alternative perspectives of viewing and talk it over as they play. Generally non-narrative, these works exist in the spot not touched by purely cinematic shorts, VJ crafted backdrops and purely gallery-based experimental moving image art.

Installation Animation Programs
> Sun 22 June 4pm, 4.40pm, 5.20pm, 6pm

Music Video Program
> Sun 22 June 6.30pm

Patrick Jenkins in conversation at MIAF13

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FREE and always a popular event! All aspects relevant to a career in animation will be covered by a panel of industry professionals. They will discuss their own experiences, their knowledge of how Australian animators are finding employment and aim to assist you in deciding if this is the future for you and what skills you need to make the transition. There will be ample opportunity for you to ask questions.
** Please collect your ticket from ACMI Tickets and Information (available from 19 May).
Even though this is a free event, you will need to have a valid ticket to enter the cinema.

> Thu 26 June, 7pm

Patrick Jenkins in conversation at MIAF13

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Don’t forget our ever popular “Animation 101 Meet The Filmmakers” series.
Informed presentations on specific topics delivered by the people who know those topics best. Watch this space for the line-up announcements.

> Animation 101 - Meet the Filmmaker Hannes Rall (Singapore): Mon 23 June, 5.15pm
> Animation 102 - Meet the Filmmaker Nadia Macault (France): Tue 24 June, 5.15pm
> Animation 103 - Meet the Filmmaker Dirk De Bruyn (Aus): Wed 25 June, 5.15pm
> Animation 104 - Meet the Filmmaker Andrew Knight (Aus): Fri 27 June, 5.15pm

Happy campers hard at work at Patrick Jenkins' flip book workshop in 2013, proudly hosted by Deakin University

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MIAF Workshops/Master Classes presented in association with Digistor / Autodesk

Animation Industry Opportunities & Workflows
David Zwierzchaczewski, Autodesk Australia
> SUN 22 June, 1.00PM (15+)
BUY Tickets: $25.00
This two-part workshop presents the state of the animation industries in Australia, what’s being produced and where future growth and new opportunities exist. In the second part David will discuss and demonstrate workflow techniques used in current projects and how to better streamline current pipelines using the new Autodesk 2015 animation suite.

Outside The Box – Sabrina Schmid (UK)
> SUN 22 June, 3.30PM (15+)
Tickets: Free
Schmid is an accomplished filmmaker and senior lecturer in computer animation at the School of Computing at Teesside Uni. In this compact masterclass/retrospective she will help ‘decode’ and contextualise the type of work selected for MIAF’s Installation Animation programs.

Story Orgy – Kevin D.A. Kurytnik (Canada)
> FRI 27 June, 9.30am-4.00pm (15+)
BUY Tickets: Full 80.00 / Conc $70.00
Kurytnik is one of Canada’s most inspiring animation teachers. In one intensive, free-wheeling day, he will present the fundamentals of story development with a back-up toolkit packed with literary and cinema references, short animated examples, and plenty of surprises. The PERFECT day out for artists, writers, animators & creators of comics and graphic novels.

Workshops co-presented with Australian Centre for the Moving Image

Animate With Creative Coding
> SAT 21 June, 9.30AM-4.30PM
BUY Tickets: Full $160 / Conc $140 / ACMI Member $130
Create beautiful experimental animations using free software and computer code inspired by Norman McLaren’s evocative art. Participants will use the free open source software Processing, a creative coding platform, to develop unique, original and interactive animations.

Kids Drop In Workshop
> SAT 28 June, 11.00am-2.00pm
Tickets: Free! Just come on down the escalator.
This free activity is the perfect companion to MIAF’s special Kids’ Program screening! Head down the escalator and learn how to contribute a small piece to a collaborative cut-paper animation by trying ‘McLaren’s Workshop’ iPad app. Bookings not required.

> ALSO... Check out the amazing little film Deakin University put together last year
of everyone's work from the Patrick Jenkins' flip book workshop!


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Ah yes... The Big Kahuna. The End of the Line. The Best of the Best. Judges votes, audience favourites and a few ‘over-looked’ classics we throw in for good measure. This is the last chance to see these films before the curtain comes down for another year.

It always sells out so book early.

> Sunday 29 June, 8.00pm / Sunday 29 June, 10.00pm (Repeat screening)



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