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The RENDER Animation Conference is a unique opportunity to experience a diverse range of detailed presentations offered by an impressive roster of international and Australian animation experts.

Keynote presentations include a panel lead by Adam Elliot, on what it takes to plan, fund, create and distribute an independent animation feature film - and another by Singapore based German filmmaker Hannes Rall on the challenges and rewards of integrating Western and Asian animation aesthetics.

Other presentations will look at simulation animation, breaking into the world of TV animation production and a detailed review of the life and influences of the great Norman McLaren who was born 100 years ago.

RENDER offers the chance for emerging and established animation artists, students and professionals alike to come together for professional development, networking and to share their passion for animation with a group of like-minded souls.

RENDER will also include a range of evening screenings that relate directly to, and cast a clarifying light on, some of the topics presented during the day sessions.

More details soon, but in the meantime check out the schedule which is still developing.








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