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So how do you break into the realm of animating for TV? Four incredibly talented and successful panellists working in this arena will share their wisdom regarding what it takes to climb this formidable mountain.
They’ll also introduce some of their latest work.

Founding partner of Sticky Pictures Pty Ltd and Producer of the wildy popular multi-award winning TV series 'Dukes Of Broxstonia', now in its sixth season with substantial international coverage.

Executive Director of Suitcase Murphy who produced the TV series 'Australian Encounters' which was hand animated in New Zealand and wonderfully narrated by Geoffrey Rush. Also check out

> MEL ROACH (Melbourne, AUS)
Animator/Director who has created several made for TV shorts (including the sensational 'Rocket Dog' screening in MIAF14 Australian Showcase on Sat 21 June 6pm) for Frederator and Nickelodeon.

> ANDREW DAVIES (Melbourne, AUS)
Founded Studio Moshi in 2005 which has become the largest Harmony™ design and 2D digital animation studio in Australia. Studio Moshi has also enjoyed successful collaborations with Channel 9, Nelvana, Nickelodeon, Fox, ABC & many others and is currently in production of ‘The Day My Butt Went Psycho’.



Two leading academics/artist-practitioners present a compelling picture of the debt we owe abstract animation through their experiential findings and experiences participating in the global cinematic/moving image culture.

Sabrina Schmid is an artist, animator and practice-based researcher (originally from Melbourne) who joined the School of Computing in 2001 as Senior Lecturer in Computer Animation at Teesside University. Sabrina's current research interest explores abstract imagery in form and experiment with digital techniques.

> PAUL FLETCHER (Melbourne, AUS)
Animator/lecturer at the Victorian College of the Arts School of Film and Television. Paul blends elements of docu-fantasy, animation, abstraction and visual music to create installations, performances and short films - and regularly collaborates with other visual and performance artists and musicians.


2014 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great Norman McLaren, easily the most influential figure in auteur animation. The multi-discipline genius who established the animation department at the National Film Board of Canada, McLaren possessed an unquenchable thirst for developing new techniques and pushing established techniques far beyond what anyone believed was possible.

AND... 2015 will mark the 100th anniversary of the first animated film ever screened in Australia, ‘Cartoons Of The Moment’ by Harry Julius. Drawing heavily on the archival treasure trove stored in the National Film & Sound Archive, this centenary will be a major focus of MIAF 2015 and the journey starts with this presentation.

Malcolm Turner, MIAF Director and devotee of all that Norman McLaren has made possible, will deliver an overview of the 'McLaren’s Influences' screening later in the evening. This program acknowledges McLaren's legacy by bringing together a collection of films by animators who have undoubtedly been influenced by this true master of innovation.





> ASSOC PROF HANNES RALL (Germany/Singapore)
Assoc Prof, School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University.

Hannes Rall was born, trained and created an impressive body of bold, striking films in his native Germany before moving to Singapore a decade ago to take a post at Nanyang. He came to realise the best outcome for his students was to merge his European technical & creative experiences with the Asian aesthetic they were most comfortable working with. Doing this was as much a learning experience for him as for the students and he will discuss the challenges and rewards of this journey. This presentation will resonate strongly with anybody seeking to understand the growing influence of Asian culture, those interested in diversifying their understanding of differing cultural aesthetics and animation devotees looking for a window on the coming Asian Century.

Available to RENDER 2 Day Pass holders and Friday Only Pass holders.
Bookings essential (we'll help you with this!)

Elliot Cowan: 'The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead & Roundhead (FEATURE)


(New York – Indie Feature)
Elliot Cowan

A brand new indie feature by New York based animator Elliot Cowan who has been making shorts for a variety of US cable networks, including Nick Toons and Cartoon Network. Cowan will introduce this screening and also appears as a panelist in the RENDER Keynote Presentation on Indie features on Saturday 21 June.

Originally from Melbourne, one of his most successful personal projects has been a series of hilarious shorts featuring his hapless duo of anti-heroes Boxhead ane Roundhead. Recently, Cowan decided to star these two lovable little seekers in their own animated feature. The duo never have good days, but they never give up searching for their own uniquely imagined solutions and small truths that make life worth persevering with. For his feature, Cowan has held onto the simple, graphic design of his two leads, but has rolled out a much more lush and intriguing range of backgrounds and environments. The writing is snappy, the voiceover work is pitch perfect and the look of the entire piece is graphically clever. This isn't a slick CG blockbuster. It instead musters the creative resources on hand to embody what an animated feature is supposed to be like.

Cowan will introduce this screening and also appears as a panellist in the RENDER Keynote Presentation on Indie Features on Sat 21 June.

Damaris Baker: 'Entropy Or The Arrow Of Time'

Norman McLaren has done more than any other person to shape, define and extend the boundaries of creative animation. His unquenchable thirst for developing new techniques, saw him create an esteemed body of personal work that continues to inspire filmmakers across the globe. This program acknowledges McLaren’s legacy by bringing together a collection of films by animators who have been clearly influenced by this true master of innovation.


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10am - 10.15am


10.30am - noon


Making animated ads is one of the ‘tent-poles’ that sustains the world of animation. It is, however, a machine made up of many moving parts, often opaque decision making processes and a plethora of agendas. Moderated by XYZ Studio’s Tim Kentley-Klay, a panel experienced in the world of ad making will outline their roles, how they do their job and what they need animation – and animators – to do for them.

Tim founded XYZ Studio in 2003 with no training in animation and without knowing a single person in advertising! But with a passion for story and a killer idea-driven instinct, he has since worked with a variety of agencies to create national and global campaigns for brands such as McDonalds, Comcast, Honda, Visa, Unilever and Chrysler.

> MORE PRESENTERS and further details TBC

noon - 1.00pm


1.00pm - 2.00pm


> ASSOC PROF ANDI SPARK (Griffith University, Brisbane, AUS)

There has been a steep rise in the number of Doctors of animation. What exactly are these doctors doing? And what is the difference between a doctoral degree, any other degree, and independent or mainstream practice? Referring to a number of different recent doctoral projects, this presentation will focus on Sparks’ own project concerning the representation of adult women in animation, issues in mental and physical health, and alternate approaches to the ‘short film’ paradigm and market distribution with an emphasis on humorous ways to present serious issues.

2.15pm - 3.15pm


‘Simulation’ animation uses the unique properties of animation to make visible something that does not exist or is otherwise not able to be readily seen – from flight simulators to biomedical visualisation. Highly creative and client driven, it offers a viable career path for animators. This dual presentation offers the differing perspectives of a commissioning client and an extremely experienced practitioner.

Jack Parry, founder of Parry Animation Studios, has an extensive track record creating detailed 3D biomedical animations with clients ranging across the medical, engineering, educational, architectural and advertising fields.

> LIZ ROAN (Armidale NSW, AUS)
Liz Roan, Education Manager, Poultry CRC: commissioned Canadian scientific animation specialists AXS3d to create a stunning and evocative simulation of the 21 day chicken embryo gestation which has gone on to win awards around the world.

3.15pm - 3.30pm


3.30pm - 5.00pm



For some, directing an animated feature film represents the Everest of animating. On top of the vastly enlarged workload and financing challenges, the screening and distribution issues can be a world away from those relating to shorts, as can be audience expectations. Three rather possessed animators will discuss their experiences in writing, producing, directing, marketing and distributing a true indie feature film.

> ADAM ELLIOT (Melbourne, AUS)
The session will be mediated by Melbourne’s own Adam Elliot, creator of some of Australia’s most iconic short animated films, winner of an Academy Award for ‘Harvey Krumpet’ and director of the feature ‘Mary And Max’.

Director of recently released ‘The Stressful Adventures Of Boxhead & Roundhead’ which is just beginning its theatrical and festival life as a completed feature film. Elliot’s film will screen on the first night of the RENDER Conference Friday 20 June @ 6pm.

Sullivan is one of the rawest and most authentic voices in independent animation today. His handmade films are epics of their craft. His current feature ‘Consuming Spirits’, 12 years in the making, is having an extraordinary run on the international festival circuit. ‘Consuming Spirits’ is screening on the closing day of the festival - Sunday 29 June @ 5pm, and Chris’ collection of astonishing shorts will screen Saturday 28 June @ 7.45pm.

Available to RENDER 2 Day Pass holders and Saturday Only Pass holders.
Bookings essential (we'll help you with this!)

Mel Roach, 'Rocket Dog'

6.00pm - 7.30pm


MIAF’s single most important program. The 2014 Australian Showcase includes a brand new music video by last year’s Best Australian Film winners, the unstoppable Oh Yeah Wow, and the completed 'The Gallant Captain' from The Lampshade Collective (makers of the world conquering ‘Nullabor’) who presented the film in development at MIAF13. And of course RENDER presenter Mel Roach (Breaking Into Animating For Television on Friday 20 June) brings the (gaseous) 'Rocket Dog' to the big screen!

The screening will open by introducing many of the filmmakers with a film in the program.

'Sonata', Nadia Micaul, France/Belgium

8.00pm - 9.15pm


The international competition programs are the backbone of the entire MIAF mission and are chosen from the 2,800+ entries received. This, the first program kicks off the series with an eclectic selection of these films, including the official opening film 'Sonata' (Nadia Micault, France/Belgium) which will be introduced by the filmmaker herself.

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    Even though the official conference is done and dusted by now, we're offering a special treat for full conference (2 day passes) attendees on Sunday 22 June. If you would like to come to the Best of the Next student/graduate screenings (a kind of festival-within-a-festival featuring the best student works from around the world), then we'll happily arrange tickets for you while you're at the conference. You will also be able to attend the free sessions that include the Music Video program, and Installation Animation program in ACMI's Studio 1 (details for these two programs will be added soon).  

Available to RENDER 2 Day Pass holders only.
Bookings essential (we'll help you with this!).

'Karma', Rajat Sharma,  2013, College of Fine Arts, Uni of NSW


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