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Animation Industry Opportunities & Workflows
David Zwierzchaczewski, Autodesk Australia

> SUN 22 June, 1.00PM (15+)

Tickets: $25.00

This two-part workshop presents the state of the animation industries in Australia, what’s being produced and where future growth and new opportunities exist. In the second part David will discuss and demonstrate workflow techniques used in current projects and how to better streamline current pipelines using the new Autodesk 2015 animation suite.



Outside The Box
Sabrina Schmid (UK)

> SUN 22 June, 3.30PM (15+)

Tickets: Free

Sabrina Schmid is an accomplished filmmaker and senior lecturer in computer animation at the School of Computing at Teesside Uni. In this compact masterclass/retrospective she will help ‘decode’ and contextualise the type of work selected for MIAF’s Installation Animation programs.

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Story Orgy – Kevin D.A. Kurytnik (Canada)
> FRI 27 June, 9.30am-4.00pm (15+)

Tickets: Full 80.00 / Conc $70.00

Kurytnik is one of Canada’s most inspiring animation teachers. In one intensive, free-wheeling day, he will present the fundamentals of story development with a back-up toolkit packed with literary and cinema references, short animated examples, and plenty of surprises. The PERFECT day out for artists, writers, animators & creators of comics and graphic novels.

In the early 1990’s, after taking a course at the Quickdraw Animation Society (we have 2 big programs celebrating QAS's 30th Anniversary - see links below), Kurtynik started teaching animation there, and in doing so, more or less singlehandedly established the Quickdraw Animation Society as a uniquely powerful place for people from all walks and with wildly varying experience and abilities to learn how to animate. Kurytnik’s contribution is impossible to understate. He has an almost supernatural ability to infuse people with the magic they need to become animators. Many filmmakers credit him as being the reason they learned to animate or the reason their film was made.

For anyone wanting to take home a unique experience, this is the workshop for you.

Please note, lunch is not included.


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co-presented with Australian Centre for the Moving Image



Animate With Creative Coding

> SAT 21 June, 9.30AM-4.30PM

Tickets: Full $160 / Conc $140 / ACMI Member $130

Create beautiful experimental animations using free software and computer code inspired by Norman McLaren’s evocative art. Participants will use the free open source software Processing, a creative coding platform, to develop unique, original and interactive animations.


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Kids Drop In Workshop

> SAT 28 June, 11.00am-2.00pm

Tickets: Free! Just come on down the escalator.

This free activity is the perfect companion to MIAF’s special Kids’ Program screening! Head down the escalator and learn how to contribute a small piece to a collaborative cut-paper animation by trying ‘McLaren’s Workshop’ iPad app. Bookings not required.

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